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Hudson Taylor-Living By Faith

By Mary Vee
Shanghai, 1857

From J. Hudson Taylor's Notes

A sweet sense of peace came to me the day I received confirmation of my resignation from CES. God would be my only boss. He had control of:

what money I would have, 
how much of my time would be spent in His work, 
whether I needed to supplement my income with a job using my medical skills, 
where I would live, 
where I would serve Him.

I did not serve a middle man or agency. I reported straight to God, and would be held accountable directly to the King for the use of my time.

No matter what happened, I was willing to do what ever God asked, whenever He asked me.

I fell to my knees and looked toward the heavens and asked God to show me what I needed to do next. This was not a one minute prayer. I spent hours praying to God sharing my intent to sacrifice all for His service no matter what my income. 

My complete faith journey reminded me of the days I went to medical school. The time I forced myself to live with the bare minimum, and then worked to live on even less. What joy filled my soul as I watched God take care of me then and now.

Trials and tests came my way. God worked diligently to teach me how to be responsible with the small income. I couldn't help giving money to a poor person. They were hungry! But I was hungry, too. To give all the money to the poor prevented the ongoing work God assigned. I learned to budget how much I'd give and how much I'd use for my essential needs.

The winter came and went, slipping into June. The three new missionaries from England arrived and needed the room where I slept. This chapter in Shanghai came to a close. John Jones and I received word from Dr. Parker indicating the unrest in Ningbo had stopped. We could safely escort his family and the others back there.

We set sail and all the while I marveled at the new adventure. With a new base in Ningbo, John Jones, William Burns, and I might be able to establish a ministry that reached deep into the interior of China.

Also . . . I must admit, I am excited to speak with Maria again. Do you remember her? She is the school teacher who stayed with the other missionaries in Ningbo. What did she experience while I was gone? Is she all right? 

Please pray for John Jones and me as we seek God's direction without the help of a missionary agency.

J. Hudson Taylor
Missionary to China
Blessed by God

Do you have any questions?

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