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Hudson Taylor - I Met a Business Man Who...

By Mary Vee

From J. Hudson Taylor's Notes

Shortly After June, 1857

John Jones and I now worked on our own in the city of Ningbo, ministering to the people there. We used a hall which the local people called the "Jesus Hall". One night I spoke from the passage John 3: 14-16.

Soon after the meeting started a businessman walked into the room and sat near the back. He appeared to be a merchant. He focused his look on me and seemed to ponder my words about God's forgiveness of our sins.

Many Chinese are Buddhist. The Buddhist have many rules for their people to follow. Life gets pretty complicated for them. Some have shared with me their lack of hope in ever having all of their sins forgiven. This man had the same worn look on his face.

In my message that night, I happened to speak about God's gift of salvation, a way of complete forgiveness. Belief in Jesus Christ and HIs sacrifice, which took the punishment for all our sins, was the only was to have true peace.

As my last word sounded, the business man stood and spoke to the audience. "My name is Nyi Yongfa and I am a cotton merchant. 'I have long sought the Truth as my fathers did before me, but have never found it. I have travelled far and near, but without obtaining it. I have found no rest in Confucianism, Buddism, or Taoism. But I do find rest in what I have heard here tonight. Henceforth, I am a believer in Jesus.' 

The others in the audience listened but left shortly after. I spoke with Nyi and learned he use to be a leader of a Buddhist sect. He invited me to attend one of their meetings. Of course I did not turn him down. What a great opportunity to share God's love!

On the night of his meeting, I met him outside the hall. He showed me the way and sat with me. The leader opened the meeting with ceremonies and business. To my surprise, Nyi indicated he wanted to speak. 

The men around us show their respect to him as he stood. "As you all know, I have resigned from this group. I came here to speak to you about a change in my life." 

Nyi did not appear embarrassed, rather he appeared confident, assured of his decision. He repeated my message from John 3:14-16, telling his friends, neighbors, and co-workers of the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

That very night, Nyi helped one of the men to a saving belief in Jesus Christ. 

This is how the work of a missionary is done. I had such a burst of happiness in my heart. What could possibly be better than witnessing a person believing in Jesus Christ and then telling another who also believed. 

I shall always remember this day and praise God for his love.

There is more to this story, come back next week.

Please pray for the people in China that they may hear the good news of God's love.

J. Hudson Taylor
Missionary to China
Blessed by God

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