Saturday, May 25, 2013

Asa - Attacked by Zerah the Cushite

By Mary Vee
II Chronicles 14

From Asa's Journals

The end of our peaceful time came.

Zerah the Cushite drove his massive army and three hundred chariots all the way to Mareshah. Any man in his right mind knew we did not stand a chance against such a vast army.

I called my army to arms and marched to Mareshah. Knowing the size of his army frightened me, seeing the army terrified me even more. I led my army in a call to the Lord our God. "Lord, there is no one like you to help the powerless against the might. Help us, O lord our God for we rely on you, and in your name we have come against this vast army. O lord, you are our God. Do not let man prevail against you."

As I finished the words I felt the peace I longed for. I knew God would care for us. 

And so He did. We barely had to fight. 

Zerah's army stood frightened for a short while then turned and fled. I and my army chased after them as far as Gerar. Zerah's soldiers fell dead all along the way, littering the road with their bodies. The number of surviving soldiers decreased rapidly, cutting off their defenses.

We carried off the plunder from the soldiers. Remember, we did not start this war.

The cities all around Gerar were destroyed. My soldiers took the plunder from there as well. The villages had great wealth. We could hardly carry it all. 

We went out to the pastureland where Zerah's shepherds took the sheep and attacked them as well. We took droves of sheep, goats, and camels and returned to our homes in Jerusalem with the riches from the battle.

Overwhelmed with the victory God gave, us we sang praises to Him and worshiped our Lord.

1.  Who is king of Judah at this time.
2.  The kingdom of Judah had ten years of ____________ (peace or war)
3.  Who started this battle? _________________
4.  Who had the bigger army?
5.  What did Asa do after he arrived at the battlefield?
6.  What happened to Zerah's army?
7.  What happened to Zerah's villages?
8.  What happened in the fields where Zerah's shepherds cared for the sheep?
9.  What did Asa do after the battle?

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