Monday, April 1, 2013

Hudson Taylor-Three School Teachers

By Mary Vee

From J. Hudson Taylor's Notes

God blessed abundantly. 

I didn't know it at first. I had lost everything, and returned to Shanghai penniless. I went straight to the post office hoping for a letter from home and found instead mail with money from my supporters. I was so excited. 

I waited two weeks for the water to rise in the river before setting sail on my fourteenth missionary journey. I tried again, to reach my friend, Dr. Parker's clinic in Ningbo. This time the ship sailed all the way to my destination, with no problems.

I am in awe. What God did, was allow my few belongings to be taken away which forced me to go back to Shanghai where he had mail waiting containing more money than I had in the first place. Enough to replace my belongings and buy the needed medical supplies. Wow!

Once in Ningbo, I went to Dr. Parker's new hospital. He seemed surprised to see me.

"Taylor, you look positively Chinese." He hadn't seen me since I shaved my head except one braid down my back and switched to wearing the same clothes worn by the Chinese people.

He told me his ministry had served nine thousand patients in twelve months. He also allowed other missionaries to come there and preach to the people. God had blessed the hospital and the work to make Ningbo as important to new missionaries as Shanghai!

Apparently three school teachers came from England to teach illiterate Chinese how to read. As the people learned how to read their language, they could read the Bible and learn about God. 

Miss Aldersey seemed in charge of the two younger women with her, Maria and Burella Dyer. She had quite a commanding spirit and earned a reputation among the people of Ningbo as a tyrant.

About the same time, a few minor earthquakes frightened the citizens. They thought Miss Aldersey caused them as a punishment for their wrong doings. The word passed among the Chinese saying she walked the city wall just before the sun rose and carried with her a bottle of magic that made the earth shake. I'm quite surprised they did not burn her for showing signs of being a witch.

What they didn't understand was Miss Aldersey went for her walk at this time every morning and took along her medicine for the frequent headaches. 

As for me, in the few weeks I stayed to help my friend, Dr. Parker, I found no person more devoted to her calling from God than Miss Aldersey. It is important to look at a person's heart, instead of hearing their words.

During the seven weeks I stayed in Ningbo, I managed to stir Miss Aldersey's words of scorn when Maria, the teacher who worked with her, and I showed an interest in each other. No matter, I have much work to do for God, preaching to local villages and giving out Christian literature with a fellow missionary John Jones.

I must admit, I enjoyed meeting Maria, an English woman who chose to leave her home to come to China and tell the people about God's love. I am happy God led me to Ningbo.

J. Hudson Taylor
Missionary to China
Blessed by God

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