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Solomon-The Queen of Sheba Visits

By Mary Vee
I Kings 10 and II Chronicles 9

From The Queen of Sheba's Journals

Unbelievable. I had never heard of such a man who ever lived.

My messengers reported to me, this man, Solomon, King of Israel, had a relationship with the name of the Lord, and that his fame spread throughout the world, and his wisdom exceeded any man who ever lived.

I find this most remarkable . . . and unbelievable.

Yet, I heard more than one report attesting to this same information. Typically I trust my messengers to tell the truth, but this? The wisest man who ever lived is the king of Israel?

I then heard reports Solomon had been blessed with great riches, making him the richest man. And Solomon didn't keep the wealth to himself. He used it to beautify his country, build up the cities and make grand buildings.

In truth, it seemed like a story a fisherman might say about catching a large fish but losing it. 

I must admit, my curiosity took a hold of me. If such a man had great wisdom, I wanted to hear him speak, and if he had such great wealth, I wanted to see the cities he built, and if this was all due to his relationship with the name of the Lord, I wanted to learn more. 

I decided to go and see for myself. 

As I would expect gifts from my visitor, I planned to take him such grand gifts to surpass any other he received.

I ordered my servants to pack the following: camels carrying spices, one hundred talents of gold, and precious stones, large quantities of spices. The next morning, my servants, guards, and I set out for Israel.

We journeyed to Solomon's city, the City of David. Immediately, I saw the reports were true. The city wall stood tall and in perfect condition. Solid and grand. We proceeded to the city gate and requested permission to enter. Once the Israelite guards realized who we were, they immediately granted us permission.

The city buildings had a majestic appeal, gold and cedar trees used liberally throughout the city. How grand. How rich. How their God has blessed them. The more we journeyed into the city the more my heart and soul became excited to meet King Solomon. 

High on a hill sat a magnificent temple building steeped in gold. It appeared new. The splendor took my breath away. What a magnificent structure, possessing a grandeur greater than any I had seen. This must be the temple Solomon built for the name of the Lord that my messengers reported to me.

The guards led us through the city streets to Solomon's palace. As we moved through the city streets I found myself captured in the brilliance of Solomon's kingship displayed in his city. The guards led us  to the final road to the palace and took us to the entrance. 

Before me stood three buildings joined together. I couldn't wait to see the inside and to meet with the king. Solomon's guards escorted my company into the palace.

And there I stood, amazed, in the palace of king Solomon. His God has given him and his people so much.

I have much more to tell you next time.

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1.  The Queen of __________ heard reports about King __________
2.  The messengers said Solomon had a relationship with ________
3.  his _________ spread throughout the world.
4.  and his _____________ exceed any man who had lived.
5. The Queen of Sheba believed or did not believe the reports.
6. Where did the Queen of Sheba want to go?
7. What did she take with her?
8. What did she see?

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