Saturday, March 9, 2013

Solomon-God Has Given Me a Task

By Mary Vee
I Kings 9 and II Chronicles 8

From Solomon's Scrolls

I never expected to become an architect, construction manager, or interior decorator. I did expect to serve as judge when the people brought me their problems. These are some big hats to wear. Hat's God has given me the abilities to do.

My days have not been boring in the least. I actually have enjoy participating in each project, watching new building raised from the ground into something honoring God. 

As you know, the temple has been completed and dedicated to God. My palace which I use for living quarters, my work, and separate living quarters for my wife, Pharaoh's daughter, is also completed. The next work project is rebuilding the cities.

During the years we Israelites have lived in this land, cities have been conquered. In order for our people to move into these cities, we must repair and rebuild those cities. The people are excited to have new homes, markets, and gathering places. There has been no shortage of volunteers willing to give their time and money for this project. We also use foreigners who have been conquered and still live on our land. Everyone living here must work to improve the country.

God has given us this land. By taking care of our new dwelling place, we will be able to serve Him better.

Rebuilding our cities is not enough, though. As we completed work on cities, I took the workers and used them to build ships at Ezion Geber which is near the shore of the Red Sea, on the south western edge of our territory. 

My friend Hiram, king of Tyre sent workers as well. These workers had expertise as sailors. They served in my fleet standing along side our men, training and teaching them their skills. The ships sailed to Ophir and brought back 420 talents of gold for the treasury. 

Once every three years the fleet returned to our shores carrying gold, silver, ivory, apes, and baboons. 

The Lord has used these years of peace to build our nation to be a Name for Him. How very exciting. I know many years have passed since I wrote this, still, I wish you could see the country as I do.

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1. What has been the focus of these years for Israel?
2. To accomplish this God gave the country ____________
3. After rebuilding the temple and the palace, what building project did Solomon focus on?
4. And after that project what did he do.
5. Hiram, king of Tyre sent workers to _________.
6. What did the fleet bring back to the shores after three years?

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