Saturday, January 19, 2013

Solomon-An Unusual Wedding Gift

By Mary Vee
I Kings 3 and 9

From Pharaoh, King of Egypt's Scrolls

I am very happy to announce the marriage of my daughter to the new king of Israel. 

Solomon, the new king, sitting on the throne of his father, David, came to me requesting an alliance. I didn't need my advisers to tell me this was a great idea. Israel will serve as a protector from any country wishing to attack from the east and armies attacking by land from the north. Yes. This was a good idea.

As part of the alliance I agreed to give my daughter in marriage to Solomon. This will seal our agreement.

The wedding was held here, in the palace. All the fine, Egyptian foods and performers showed off the greatness of Egypt. I've never seen my daughter so happy. And, I must admit, Solomon is a handsome young man. 

After the wedding, Solomon took his bride back to the City of David, her new home. He said she would live there until the palace, Temple of the Lord, and wall around Jerusalem were built. I am confident he will take great care of my daughter. 

Now for a wedding gift. Let's see. I need something that would please Solomon. Something he needs. Hmmm. I called in my advisers and asked for suggestions. 

"You could send him gold, wheat and nuts," one said.

"No. He has all the food he needs."

"Or, Great Pharaoh, you could conquer one of the Canaanite inhabited cities," another said.

"Yes. A perfect idea. The Israelites have not conquered all the cities in their land. My army can go in to a Canaanite inhabited city, burn it to the ground, and turn it over to Solomon. Yes this will be my gift. We will attack Gezer. Go, put this plan in motion right away."

Days later, my captain came to the throne room. "Great Pharaoh, Gezer has been conquered and burned to the ground as you ordered."

"Good, call the scribe." 

I sent a note to Solomon and my daughter announcing my gift. And now, the two will be happy and our alliance complete.

1. _________________ was the new king of Israel.
2. The new king married _____________________ 
3. Solomon wanted an _______________________ with Egypt.
4. Pharaoh wanted an alliance to _______________ Egypt from _____________
5. Pharaoh gave Solomon and his wife what gift?

Now here is your thinking question. Do you think Solomon, king of Israel should have made an alliance with Egypt? Why or why not? This is a great family discussion question or one to have with your church. 

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