Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Solomon-The Ultimate Dream

By Mary Vee
I Kings 3

From Solomon's Journals

We had a problem. A temple had not been built. A single place for the people to gather, offer their sacrifices, and worship the Lord. The people offered sacrifices mostly anywhere in high places. 

My father, David had wanted to build a temple, but the Lord told him no. 

I did what I could to show the Lord my love for Him by obeying and following all the ways of my father, David. If only I could be as good of a king as he was. I spoke to all the people and led them to the one place God would be pleased with our sacrifices. We journeyed to Gibeon to the Tent of Meeting, the one Moses made long ago, and worshipped the Lord.

My heart's desire was to honor the Lord and my father, David. That night we camped in Gibeon. I fell asleep quickly and had a dream. In my dream the Lord appeared to me, imagine my surprise. He had never appeared to me before.

The Lord stood before me with a kind and loving face. He said, "Ask for whatever you want me to give you."

I didn't have to think of an answer. I knew what to say right away. Such an important job had been given to me. I felt like a little kid trying to do the work of an experienced man. Even if I happened to make a right choice, I questioned my decision, never sure I had done what was best.

I took a breath and told Him my heart. "O Lord, you made me king in place of my father, David. It is such a huge responsibility. I feel like a little kid not knowing what to do. I am here among Your people, a great nation that has too many people to count."

I wet my lips and sighed. "If I could have one thing, I would ask for a discerning heart to govern the people and to be able to understand the difference between right and wrong. No one could govern this great people of Yours without help."

He smiled. "Since you have asked for this and not for a long life or great riches or for one of your enemies to die, I will give you what you asked. I will give you a discerning heart. No one will ever have the ability to discern justice as you. And because you have asked with a wise heart, I will also give you the things you did not ask for, both riches and honor. In your lifetime, there will be no king equal to you. And, if you walk in my ways, and obey my laws as your father, David did, I will also give you long life."

I woke as He finished speaking and realized it had been a dream. But that didn't mean the Lord had not spoken to me. I had heard before that the Lord's messages given to people in a dream are always true.

We journeyed back to Jerusalem that day. I led a group of people to the ark of the Lord's covenant and offered sacrifices to the great God, Almighty, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

After the sacrifice I went back to my home, with confidence. God had given me what I needed to lead His nation.

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1. What was the problem?
2. How did David want to solve the problem? 
3. Did God let him?
4. Why did Solomon take the people to Gibeon?
5. Solomon had a dream in Gibeon. Who appeared in the dream and what did that person say?
6. How did Solomon answer the person in the dream?
7. God was so pleased with Solomon's answer that He gave him _____ and ____
8. Af first Solomon felt unsure about being able to govern the people. How did he feel at the end of today's story?

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