Saturday, January 26, 2013

Solomon-Two Women and One Baby

By Mary Vee
I Kings 3

From The Second Woman's Journal

Another woman and I saved our money by sharing one house. We each only had to pay half the rent that way. Neither of us were very rich and both of us had been pregnant.

The other woman, I'll call her Lydia, which isn't her real name,but will make telling my story easier to tell, gave birth to her baby four days ago. She had a boy. He was beautiful. I had hoped I would have a boy like him.

Yesterday, she helped me with the birth of my child. I too had a boy. He was handsome. He'd grow up to be someone important and take care of me.

I wanted to keep my baby by my side every minute. Last night, I brought him with me to my bed. I loved listening to him breathe. I fell asleep to the sweet sound. 

But in the middle of the night, I woke and found myself on the other side of my baby. I picked him up and didn't hear him breathe. He didn't make a sound.

In the morning Lydia would find out and brag that she was better because she still had a son and I did not. I couldn't let this happen. I took the baby from my bed to Lydia's room. She slept soundly, not hearing my steps. 

I set the baby who no longer breathed next to her and picked up her baby. His body felt warm and his little heart pattered. I brought him back to my room and set him on my bed. This time I would be very careful not to roll on my baby.

The next morning Lydia screamed and wailed. I ran into her room and asked what was wrong. She sobbed but managed to say her baby had died. I gave her the right amount of sympathy then went back to my room to spend time with my baby. My son.

A few minutes later Lydia came into my room carrying her baby. The one with no life. She glared at me. "This is not my son."

"You're crazy. Of course that is your son. You're upset and need to rest."

She pushed her way into my room and looked at my son. "He is not your baby. That is my son. I've looked at this baby in my arms in the morning light and see clearly, he is not my son."

"Calm yourself. You'll be fine in a few days. Now please leave me alone. I need to feed my baby."

"She raised her fist. "I will take this matter to the king and win. You'll see."

I didn't say anything else to her that morning. Solomon, the new king is young and will be persuaded easily. There is no way he will know the truth for sure. I went back to feeding the baby and listening to him breathe.

author's note, next Wednesday, we will see what happens.

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1.  The two women each had a _____________
2.  "Lydia" gave birth (pick one) first   second
3.  The woman telling the story accidentally ___________________
4.  She went to Lydia's room and ________________
5.  The next morning Lydia discovered the problem and said she would _____________
6.  The woman didn't seem worried about who would win because _______________
7.   The woman telling the story did several things wrong. Name those things.

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