Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Solomon- Casting out the Evil Ones

By Mary Vee
I Kings 2

From Solomon's Diary

As the new king of Israel, it is my duty to cast out those who had harmed the name of my father's house.

In my last post, I mentioned what my brother, Adonijah did. He has since been executed. 

Next on my list was to bring Abiathar, the priest, to justice. The guards brought him to the throne room as I ordered. He stood trembling in my presence, and so he should. He knew what he did wrong. "Abiathar."

"Yes, my lord." He bowed.

"You chose to leave my father's house to join my rebellious brother, Adonijah in his attempted takeover of the throne. To fulfill the words of the priest, Eli, I have removed you from the priesthood. Your life, however will be spared since you carried the ark and had suffered along with my father in many past times."

Abiathar bowed. "Thank you, my lord."

I waved my permission for him to leave.

Next on my list was Joab. I sent for him, but the guards were unable to bring him. "I'm sorry, my lord," one said, "but he has sought refuge in the Tabernacle and is holding the horns of the altar and will not let them go."

Benaiah stood in my throne chamber. "Benaiah, go to the Tabernacle and strike down Joab for leaving my father's house and joining forces with my brother Adonijah."

Benaiah ran to the temple and stood at the outer curtain. Not long after Benaiah, returned to the throne room. "My lord, I stood outside and called to Joab saying, 'Come out at once, Joab. By the king's orders, you are to come out at once.' He refused to come outside the Tabernacle saying he would die there."

I shrugged. "Very well. Do as he says. Strike him down in the Tabernacle to avenge the innocent blood of Abner and Amasa which he killed and thereby bring peace to my father's house."

Benaiah did as I ordered, and buried Joab in the wilderness. I then promoted Benaiah as the captain in Joab's place, and Zadok as priest in Abiathar's place.

The last one to be taken care of was Shimei. The one who cursed my father, David, when he sat on his throne. I called for Shimei to be brought to me.

He bowed and I signaled for him to approach my throne. "Shimei, you are to build a house here in Jerusalem. Live her as you like, but you are not to leave for any reason. The day you leave, you shall be put to death. You will make the decision to die if you try to leave."

He bowed again. "Yes, my lord. thank you. I will do as you say."

Three years later, two of Shimei's slaves ran away. He heard news where they fled. Shimei mounted his donkey to recapture his slaves and bring them back to his home in Jerusalem.

I called for Shimei to come to my throne chamber again. "Did I not make it clear to you that you were not to leave the city of Jerusalem and did you also agree to follow my orders?"

He nodded.

"I also clearly stated your punishment if you left the city. Death."

He nodded

"And now, remember all the evil things you said to my father. Evil words that have since been unpunished. The day has come for your punishment." 

I called Benaiah to come forward. "Take Shimei and put him to death for the evil he has done against my father's house."

And now I can say, I have done as my father requested. May our country live in peace.

1. ______________, Solomon's brother was punished because he tried to take over his father's throne.

2.  ______________, the priest followed Solomon's brother __________ in the take over.

3. ______________. the captain of the army followed Solomon's brother __________ in the take over.

4.  ______________ had cursed David

5.  Adonijah's punishement was ___________

6.  Abiathar's punishment was ______________

7.  Joab's punishment was ________________

8.  Shimei's punishment was __________________

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