Saturday, January 5, 2013

David-A Coup Squashed

By Mary Vee
I Kings 1

From the Prophet Nathan's notes

There. David said it. In front of witnesses.

He proclaimed his son Adonijah would not be king. Instead Bathesheba's son, Solomon would rein on his throne . . .that very night. 

After comforting Bathsheba with these words in his bed chamber, David set his decree in motion. The poor man could not even sit, he was so ill. Yet he pulled together all his strength to see this decree through. 

David called for Zadok the priest, Benaiah, and myself to his chambers. "Follow my orders exactly as I say. Have my son, Solomon, ride on my own mule to Gihon. Once there, you, Zadok and Nathan, are to anoint Solomon king over Israel. Blow the horn and say, 'Long Live King Solomon!'"

Next, escort Solomon back here to the throne and have him sit in my place. Do this because I have appointed him to be ruler over Israel and Judea.

Benaiah raised a fist and shouted, "Amen! Solomon shall be king instead of Adonijah. As the Lord has been with you, my king, may He also be with Solomon and make his throne greater than your throne."

We left the king's sick bed chamber and looked for Solomon and found him in his room. "Come, quickly, Solomon. Your father, David has decreed you are to be the next king. We must hurry. If Adonijah succeeds in returning to the throne before us, your life will be at risk."

He did not show a cocky or frightened spirit. Solomon had learned to obey the word of his father. He followed us through the corridors of the palace to the king's stable. There we ordered the stableman to bring David's mule.

Solomon mounted the mule and rode as we walked to Gihon as David ordered. A group of Cherethites and Pelethites joined us in our march. Once we arrived, Zadok took the horn of oil from the Tabernacle and anointed Solomon. Everyone with us blew horns and shouted "Long Live King Solomon!"  

We gathered a great many people, parading with flutes and rejoicing so loud over our new king I thought the earth would split with their sound.

As the cheering rang to the hills, a spy, who attended Adonijah's celebration, came to me. "Nathan, Adonijah heard the noises as they finished their celebration meal. Joab asked what the noise was all about. Jonathan ran into the room and Adonijah gave him permission to speak right away because he proved himself to be loyal and trustworthy. 

"Jonathan looked frightened. 'No! I do not have good news. King David has made Solomon king. He sent Zadok the priest and Nathan the prophet, Benaiah, the Cherethites, and the Pelethites to anoint Solomon king over Israel and Judah! The rejoicing you here are all these men plus all the people who have joined the celebration. My lord, Adonijah, Solomon sits on the kings throne at this very moment!' 

"When Jonathan finished those words everyone at Adonijah's celebration ran out of the room screaming for their lives. Adonijah ran himself, like a wild man, to the altar and grabbed the horns, refusing to let go."

Moments later a guard reported the same words to Solomon. "Adonijah is afraid of you, King Solomon. He stands at this very moment grasping the horns of the altar and screaming, 'Let King Solomon swear to me that he will not kill me with the sword.'

As I expected, King Solomon proved himself worthy of his crown from his very first decree. He said, "If Adonijah proves himself a worthy man, not one hair of him shall fall. But if wickedness is found in him, he will die. Now, go get Adonijah and bring him here."

The guards escorted Adonijah to King Solomon's throne. There he fell to the ground and begged for mercy. Solomon raised his hand and said, "Go to you house."

1.  Who did David say would NOT be king?
2.  Who did David say will be king that very night?
3.  What had Adonijah done?
4.  What did David tell Nathan the prophet and Zadok the priest to do?
5.  When Adonijah heard the news what did he do?
6.  What was Solomon's first decree?
7.  Which one of David's sons did God want as the next king, Adonijah or Solomon?

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