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Hudson Taylor-The Mandarin Says, "Yes"

By Mary Vee

From J. Hudson Taylor's Notes

This is the end of the report for my fifth missionary journey, both trials and triumphs. 

The first officer, who made us wait a very long time, sent John and me on to his supervising magistrate. After reporting the abuse we received from the militia, I demanded we receive proper treatment . The officer allowed us to be carried on chairs to the next required destination.

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The military carried us through long winding roads, it seemed we had entered a city within a city. The soldiers continued their march through large arching gates that resembled a prison. I didn't know the instructions given to these men. John and I wandered if the chairs served as nothing more than a last right before our punishment of death.

My concerns eased when the military set our chairs down in front of a doorway bearing the inscription: The father and mother of the people. This office belonged to the magistrate. We were told to wait outside while a soldier took our identification cards into the magistrate.

This time we waited only a few minutes before receiving permission to enter the office. The soldiers who took us inside bowed before the magistrate. One signaled me to do the same, but I refused. 

The mandarin greeted us and led us into his inner chamber. Writers, runners, and other officials under the mandarin's instruction followed us. 

The mandarin invited us to speak. I looked at John who told me to speak. "Sir, we have come to tell the people about the God who loves them. We have books--" I pulled one from my satchel and handed it to him. "We want to give these books to any man or woman who can read." 

I handed him a New Testament which also included Genesis through Ruth. "This book teaches what God has done for you." I also gave him some tracts and shared the Gospel with him. He listened to all John and I had to say. The others standing in the room listened with great interest as well.

When I finished, the mandarin called for refreshments to be served. John and I hadn't eaten or drank all day and appreciated his gift. 

At the end of our visit, I asked if we might walk through the city, visit with the people, and tell them about the God who loves them. 

"Yes, of course," he answered.

"Mandarin, if I may speak freely. We suffered terrible treatment when entering the city. We realize the soldiers didn't know we came in peace. However, we request protection as we walk throughout the city and when we leave."

"Yes, of course." He turned to his runners. "Go about the city and warn the people no harm is to come to these men." The runners left immediately.  

The mandarin walked us to the door and treated us with the kindness expected of an official.

We walked through the city telling people about God's love and handing out the books. Runners stayed in front of us, warning the people not to harm us. When the streets grew too crowded to let us pass, the runners swung their long braid like a whip to make the people clear a path. 

It didn't take long to give away every Bible we brought and then return to our boat.

My report of this fifth missionary journey reached the British and Foreign Bible Society. They sent me back a note telling me how pleased they were with our work. Inside the envelope I found a gracious gift. The society included enough money to buy more scriptures and to set up a small clinic for Dr. Parker.

I never expected to receive support from the Bible Society, and am deeply grateful for God's provision.

Please continue to pray for us and God's provision for our needs,

J. Hudson Taylor

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