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David- Gibeonites Receive Justice

By Mary Vee
II Samuel 21

From David's Journals

A famine struck the land. For three long years, year after year. We had done something to anger the Lord.

I went and asked the Lord what we did. He answered, "It is because of Saul and his blood thirsty family. They killed the Gibeonites."

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Oh, yes. I remembered. A treaty had been made long ago between Joshua and the Gibeonites to never harm them. While the Gibeonites had been dishonest about the treaty, Joshua and all Israel had to keep their word. 

Saul, while he was king, enjoyed conquering all the nations in our land. One of the nations he fought with a powerful attack was the Gibeonites.

The problem had to be solved to stop the famine.

I asked the remaining Gibeonites to meet with me. I greeted them. "I understand your anger."

Their spokesman answered, "Yes, we had a promise and Saul broke it."

I shook my head. "What can I do for you. How can we repay what has happened to restore the treaty?"

"We don't want silver or gold from Saul or from his house. We don't want any Israelite to die for us."

I stroke my beard and waited, giving them time to think. "There must be something we could do."

"All right then." The spokesman looked at the others then replied. "The punishment we ask is give us seven of Saul's descendants. We will hang them before the Lord in Gibeah of Saul, the one whom the Lord chose."

Their request was reasonable, considering how many Gibeonites died under Saul's hand. "I will give them to you."

I considered which seven to send. I wanted to spare Mephibosheth, Jonathan's son. Seven men from the house of Saul were sent to the Gibeonites and hung on the first days of the barley harvest.

Rizpah, the mother of some of the men stayed by their bodies to keep the birds from attacking. 

After I heard what she did, I had the bones from Saul, Jonathan, and the seven men from the house of Saul who had been hung by the Gibeonites buried in the tomb of Kish, Saul's father.

When all the work ended. The Lord was pleased and He ended the famine.

Here is a Psalm we sing. You call it Psalm 21

The king shall have joy in Your strength, O Lord;
And in Your salvation how greatly shall he rejoice!
 You have given him his heart’s desire,
And have not withheld the request of his lips. Selah
 For You meet him with the blessings of goodness;
You set a crown of pure gold upon his head.
 He asked life from You, and You gave it to him—
Length of days forever and ever.
 His glory is great in Your salvation;
Honor and majesty You have placed upon him.
 For You have made him most blessed forever;
You have made him exceedingly glad with Your presence.
 For the king trusts in the Lord,
And through the mercy of the Most High he shall not be moved.
 Your hand will find all Your enemies;
Your right hand will find those who hate You.
 You shall make them as a fiery oven in the time of Your anger;
The Lord shall swallow them up in His wrath,
And the fire shall devour them.
 Their offspring You shall destroy from the earth,
And their descendants from among the sons of men.
 For they intended evil against You;
They devised a plot which they are not able to perform.
 Therefore You will make them turn their back;
You will make ready Your arrows on Your string toward their faces.
 Be exalted, O Lord, in Your own strength!
We will sing and praise Your power.

1. What happened in the land for three years?
2. When David asked the Lord what was wrong, what did He say?
3. David called the Gibeonites to meet with him. What did he ask?
4. What punishment did the Gibeonites ask for?
5. Did David grant their request?
6. Who's life did David spare and why?
7. What was the last job needed to stop the famine?

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