Wednesday, October 17, 2012

David-Death Threat and the Loyal Ones

By Mary Vee
II Samuel 15

From David's Journal

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The day had hardly begun when a messenger ran to my chambers and asked to speak with me. The man had sweat pouring down his face and his eyes wide with fright. Of course I let him meet with me.

"My lord," he huffed with deep breaths as though scared about something.

I called to my servant, "Bring this man some water."

"My lord, my message cannot wait. The people of Israel have taken to Absalom. They like him and want him to be king."

King? So that is what he has been doing. "Bring all my servants here at once." I had to get everyone out of the castle and to safety right away. 

Absalom had asked permission to go to Hebron to offer a sacrifice to God a few days ago. He said he wanted to show God his willingness to serve Him. The boy lied to me. He wanted to announce kingship there and overthrow my rule.

The servants crowded into my chamber and waited for my instruction. "Gather your things, quickly or we won't escape Absalom in time. Absalom has declared himself king which means death to anyone loyal to me. Hurry or he will overtake us and attack the city with his sword."

The servants bowed. "We are ready to do whatever my lord, the king, commands." 

Everyone scurried to gather supplies and other necessities and met at the gate. I led all those loyal to my crown away except ten women who were to take care of the castle in my absence.

At the outskirts of the city where the brook Kidron flows I stopped and had everyone in the group cross the river before me. I wasn't sure who all wished to show their loyalty and wanted to greet each one. All my servants, the Cherethites, Pelethites, Gittites, and six hundred men from Gath paraded past me. 

And then I saw Ittai and Gittite. "Stop." I called to them. "Why are you going with us? You only came to my household yesterday. Should I make you wander up and down through valleys and caves hiding? I don't even know where I'm going. Take you families back to the king. Mercy and truth be with you."

Ittai bowed before me, keeping his eyes low to the ground. "As the Lord lives, and as my lord lives, wherever you lead, whether in death or life, we will go. We remain loyal to you."

How could I send them away after hearing those words of dedication? Such loyalty must be rewarded. "Go, cross the river and join the others, you and your families."

There was great weeping from the people as we crossed the river, fleeing our home, and escaping into the wilderness a place of unknown. Who knows how long it will be before we can return. Who knows where we will sleep or what we will eat. Lord please protect us.

1. What message did the messenger bring David?
2. What did it mean?
3. Did David choose to stay and fight?
4. Who did David call to meet with him and what did he tell them to do?
5. Why did David stop Ittai an Gittite?
6. What did they answer the king?
7. Where did David and the people who followed him go?

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