Saturday, October 13, 2012

David: Absalom's Plot

By Mary Vee
II Samuel 15

From Absalom's Servant's Notes

I am recording these events in this post, hoping someone will notice and maybe put a stop to it. My loyalties are with King David. The chosen one for Israel's throne. He is a kind and blessed king and I don't want anything bad to happen to him.

His son, Absalom, is wicked. I didn't notice this until recently, and I apologize for not telling anyone sooner. But maybe this warning is not too late.

I had worked in Absalom's household for many years. He cared for his sister Tamar after her half brother Amnon hurt her. He has sons and one daughter whom he named after his sister. Absalom even ached to see his father and begged an audience with him.

I believed him. Thought he truly loved his father. Until. . .

Absalom hired chariots and fifty men to run before him--everywhere he went in the country. The people loved his pageantry. They came out of their houses to see the handsome and grand prince waving branches and bowing before him.

He asked me to wake him early each morning. Before the sun rose. He dressed and ate a quick breakfast then hurried to the gate where the people made appointments to tell their concerns. Anyone who came with a lawsuit to bring to the king he greeted especially nice.

Absalom stepped toward the person and reached his hand toward them. With a concerned smile he asked, "What city are you from?" When they answered he then said to them, "Your case is good and right. Sadly there is no deputy of the king to hear you." He would lift his chin a little and say, "Oh, if I were judge in the land, then when anyone had a case to be heard, I could give them justice." He leaned forward and gave the person a hug and kiss on the cheek. "I wish you well."

The man or woman usually walked away sad Absalom would not be the judge for their case.

One by one Absalom secretly won the hearts of the people. For forty years he prepared the people for his evil plot.

One day he requested an audience with King David. He bowed before the king and gave the impression he meant great respect for him. "May I have permission to go to Hebron, father? I wish to honor a vow to the Lord which I made long ago in Gesur. I promised the Lord if he brought me back to Jerusalem I would serve Him."

David, of course gave permission for such a worthy request. But he did not know what Absalom really planned to do in Hebron. Absalom sent spies into all the tribes to tell the people, "When you hear the trumpet sound shout 'Absalom reigns in Hebron!'"

Absalom took two hundred men from Jerusalem with him on his journey to Hebron. They did not know his plan. He also invited David's counselor to join him. The conspiracy grew strong and the number of people with Absalom increased.

I must stop here. Some one is coming. I will continue this report next time.

1.  The servant reporting this news says Absalom is ________
2.  When Absalom returned to Jerusalme he hired _____________
3.  Each morning Absalom rose early and went to ________ and told the people _____
4.  Why did he do this?
5.  After forty years Absalom requested permission to go to _________
This is an important city. It was a home for Abraham and many important events took place there.
6.  Did those who were invited to Hebron with Absalom know what was going on?
7. Now we ask, what do you think Absalom is planning to do?

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