Wednesday, September 26, 2012

David- Absalom Comforts Tamar

By Mary Vee
II Samuel

From Tamar's Journal

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My brother, Absalom, called to me as I ran by.

Tears poured down my face. I swiped away as many as I could, but it didn't help. His eyes grew wide with understanding. He knew something horrible upset me.

"What happened, Tamar?" 

I blubbered a few words. None of them made any sense even to me.

He held me like the loving brother he is. "There, there. You're safe. Tell me. What happened."

"Amnon." Sobs jerked at my voice. I swiped more tears away. "Amnon said he was sick. He called for me to make bread for him. The King honored his wish and told me to do as he asked." I sobbed some more.

He held his arm out, leading me to a chair. "Come over her and sit. I'll get you something to drink."

He came back a few minutes later with a glass. After a few sips, I continued. "I made the bread at his bedside as he asked and served it to him. He didn't eat any. Instead, he sent the servants out of the house and then...then he hurt me.

"I offered to be his wife and take care of him, but my words only made him angrier. He told me to leave. I begged him, oh how I begged him, Absalom, not to embarrass me, but he wouldn't listen. He called his servant and ordered me from his house. They locked the door to make sure I wouldn't try to go back inside.

My brother didn't speak for several minutes. I felt his muscles tighten with anger. He lowered his arm and moved a few inches away from me. Not because he didn't want to soothe my sorrow, but for his anger against Amnon.

He took my hands and held them in his lap. "My sweet sister. I will take care of you for all your days. You do not need to go near Amnon ever again. I promise to take care of you. I will give you a home and food. You will never be in need."

The next day a messenger reported King David heard what Amnon did to me and became very angry. He also heard Absolom agreed to take care of me.

I am thankful God has given me family to take care of me.


1. Who saw Tamar crying?
2. Absalom is Tamar's ____________________
3. Tamar said she was asked to make _______________
4. What did Absalom say he would do for Tamar?

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