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David-Absalom's Revenge

By Mary Vee
II Samuel 13

From Absalom's Journal

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Two years ago, Amnon, my half brother did a cruel thing. He hurt my sister, Tamar.

I still remember the day when she ran to our family home, crying. This wasn't a girly cry, or a spoiled, I-didn't-get-my-way cry, this was a hurt cry from the depths of her heart.

She had been asked by our father, King David, to go to Amnon. Apparently he claimed to be sick and asked for her to make bread and spend time with him. King David agreed and told Tamar to go to his home.

While there, Amnon hurt her. She tried to make him happy by offering to be his wife, but he became angrier and threw her out of his house.

Rage boiled inside of me. I tried to control my temper by soothing her aching heart. I promised to care for her by providing a home and food for the rest of her life. It wasn't what her heart wanted, but it was all I could give.

I felt trapped. We all had the same father, and he was the king. King David became furious over the situation. I wanted more. I wanted Amnon to suffer for hurting Tamar.

I kept silent about the situation for two years. In that time, I found no forgiveness in my heart to give Amnon. Instead, my anger grew.

One day I devised a plan. I planned a sheep-sheering party. I went to my father and invited him and the whole household.

He said. "No, not this time, Absalom. And not the whole household, we'd be a burden." 

I asked again but he refused. "If you and the whole household won't come, at least send my brother, Amnon."

"Why do you want him to come?"

"Please father, please let them come celebrate what God has given."

He finally agreed, and to my surprise sent all my brothers with Amnon. Everything happened as I hoped. I returned to finish preparations for the party. It was magnificent, fitting for a king. I wanted my brothers to return to my father and tell him the wonders of the party.

Before my brothers arrived I instructed my servants. "Now, when Amnon has drunk his fill of wine so he can no longer speak clearly, strike him dead. You have my permission, and my instruction. Do not be afraid to carry out my orders."

Later that afternoon my brothers arrived. We sat down to eat, drink, and share our adventures. After a while Amnon drank more than he should. He could barely sit up in his chair. My servants took advantage of the situation and killed him, as I ordered.

All my other brothers hurried from their chairs, mounted their mules and rode off.

I sent a spy to the castle. He returned and reported rumors reached the king saying I had killed all the brothers. The king ripped his clothes and fell to the floor in mourning. His servants did the same. 

The situation became quite out of control until my advisor, Jonadab hurried to the king's side.
"My lord, please hear me. All your sons are not dead, only Amnon. Absalom planned his death now for two years because of what he did to his sister, Tamar."

He lead my father to a window and pointed. "See, your sons are returning."

King David ran out to greet his returning sons and cried with them over the death of Amnon. 

Fearing what my father would do, I ran away to Geshur and stayed there three years.
And waited for him to ask for me. He never recovered from the death of Amnon, but he did desire to see me.

1.  Why was Absalom upset?
2.  Two years later Absalom hosted a party. Who did he invite?
3.  At first his father, king David said, _____
4.  Then David gave permission for _________ to attend.
5.  What happened at the party?
6.  What wrong news did David receive.
7.  Jonadab told David the right news. What did he say?
8.  Did Absalom do what God wanted him to do?
9.  Who's job was it to punish Amnon?

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