Monday, August 13, 2012

Hudson Taylor - Cannonballs

By Mary Vee

From J. Hudson Taylor's Notes

One trial I never dreamed of confronting was ridicule from other missionaries. The differences in the way our respective agencies believed, handled finances, dressed, socialized, even the spread of evangelism served as a means for unnecessary squabbling. 

Some of the things the other missionaries said rang true, yet others did not. I didn't come to China to fight, I came to evangelize. All my efforts should be spent learning the language and helping the people of Shanghai survive the affects of war. Instead verbal cannonballs are flung at me.

Thankfully, Alexander Wylie, the missionary surgeon who allowed me to stay in his home, treated me with kindness. I continued to work alongside him, hungry to learn, anxious to help his ministry until funds arrived for me to pay for my own housing.

One day we walked out the eastern gate of the city and met two low-income workers. We chatted with them about their day and when it seemed they might listen, presented them the Gospel. 

At the same time imperialists outside the city launched a battery of cannonballs in our direction. The whirling sound plagued even my sleep. Wylie and I rushed back inside the city gate. Once inside a safe distance we looked back and found the two low-income workers did not follow us. 

We ran back and found their ankles shattered by the shrapnel. In the hospital, doctors told the two men their lower legs needed amputation to prevent infection. Both refused, and unfortunately died.

If only they had fled the cannonballs with us, they could have been saved.

On another day, Dr. Wylie and I sat on his veranda talking. About three quarters of a mile away artillery blasted the city. A stray cannonball soared between us and lodged itself into the wall.

How could we sit on the veranda and have a conversation when cannonballs exploded in the city? Well, we couldn't stop them. We could give medical assistance to those in need, and we could stay out of harms way.

Its like the verbal cannonballs I spoke of earlier. I couldn't stop them, I could give help to those who needed it, and I could stay out of harms way.

Thank you Lord, for protecting me.

Please pray the money for my support comes soon.

J. Hudson Taylor

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