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David-God Chose My Son

By Mary Vee
II Samuel 7, Pslam 8

From David's Thoughts

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The prophet Nathan just told me God's answer to my question. I wanted to have permission to build a temple for God.

God said, "No." But He also said my son could build the temple. I didn't know how to express my pure joy. I had to go and speak with Him right away, alone.

I went to a private room and sat before the Lord. "Who am I, O Lord God? And what is my family that You have brought us to this point? You told Nathan you would care for my children's children for a long time to come. I hardly know what to say.

You know me, God, and yet you have done all these great things for us. You are great, O Lord God. There is none like You, nor is there any God besides You.

You know your people, Israel, the one nation on earth whom you redeemed for Yourself, to make a name for Yourself. A people for whom you do great and awesome deeds. You have made Your people Israel, Your very own, forever. And you have become their God.

Now, O Lord God, do as you have said. Establish my house forever. Let your name be magnified forever, saying "The Lord of hosts is the God over Israel."

Because you have said these things, I had to come speak with you from my heart..

I walked back to my palace, joyful for what God has said.

I may not have been chosen to build the temple, but God chose my son. He gave me His reason for saying no. He did not have to. God didn't want me to build the temple because i served as a warrior and had shed blood as a warrior. He said He would give a time of peace to our land, which means my son would not need to go to battle. His hands would not have blood on them. I understand, now why God didn't choose me to build Him a temple and am not offended in the least. Instead, I rejoice.

Praise be to the God of Israel.

There are many songs I have song to the Lord. I will include one in each of the next stories for you to read. Feel free to hum a tune as you read. I did.

This is called the Glory of the Lord in Creation (Psalm 8)

Lord, our Lord,
    your greatness is seen in all the world!
Your praise reaches up to the heavens;
   it is sung by children and babies.
You are safe and secure from all your enemies;
    you stop anyone who opposes you.
 When I look at the sky, which you have made,
    at the moon and the stars, which you set in their places—
What are human beings, that you think of them;
    mere mortals, that you care for them?
 Yet you made them inferior only to yourself;[b]
    you crowned them with glory and honor.
You appointed them rulers over everything you made;
    you placed them over all creation:
     sheep and cattle, and the wild animals too;
     the birds and the fish
    and the creatures in the seas.
 Lord, our Lord,
    your greatness is seen in all the world!


1. Who told David the message from God?
2. Did God give David permission to build the Temple?
3. What did God promise?
4. What did David thank God for?
5. This is not told in this story, but will be said in a later story, do you know which of David's sons will build the temple?
6. What is a psalm?

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