Saturday, August 18, 2012

David - An Assumption Angered God

By Mary Vee
II Samuel 6

From David's Journal

I wanted to honor God. That was my purpose. But I assumed, and angered Him instead. 

This is what happened:

I chose Jerusalem as the city where I would live and do my official work as king. Since this was the king's city, it seemed logical to bring the Ark of God there. 

I gathered all my finest men, thirty thousand in all, and went up to the hill to Abinadab's house where the ark had been kept.  

The ark was placed on a new cart. I appointed Abinada's sons, Uzza and Ahio to drive the cart. Ahio led the way.

I appointed musicians to play. We sang and danced our praises to God while marching toward Jerusalem. I too played my instrument. We had harps, stringed instruments, tambourine, sistrums, and cymbals. Oh the rich sound of praise music. Citizens along the way greeted us and joined in song and dance.

The journey went well until we reached Nachon's threshing floor. The oxen pulling the cart stumbled, causing the Ark of God to slide. Uzza noticed the problem, stuck out his hand, and grabbed hold of the Ark to keep it from falling to the ground. 

The instant Uzza touched the Ark, he fell and stopped moving.

I immediately stopped the march and ran to his side. Uzza had died. 

A deep anger rose from within me against the Lord for taking Uzza's life. We wanted to praise and honor Him. Why did he have to die?

My heart jumped from anger to fear. I didn't understand what had happened. Wouldn't God want the Ark in Jerusalem? Of course he would. Then, how was I to get it there?

In truth I was too afraid to do anything else with the Ark of God at that time. Obed-Edom lived nearby. We took it to his house and left it at his house for three months. 

One day a messenger reported special blessings received by Obed-Edom's house.

It seemed I could now bring the Ark of God to Jerusalem. I assembled all of Israel and went to Obed-Edom's house. We brought sacrifices and instruments to honor the Lord. Once the Ark moved forward six paces, we offered sacrifices of oxen and plump sheep to the Lord, taking care to do everything as He commanded.

I put on a linen ephod and danced before the Lord God Almighty to the sound of the trumpets. We marched the Ark to Jerusalem, praising the Lord all the way and making sure no one touched it.

We entered the city of Jerusalem with great praises to God. The sound had to be heard far away. We took the Ark into the tabernacle which I had made for it. The sound of so many people singing, playing instruments, and dancing stirred our hearts. We celebrated with more singing and dancing for God.

Once the Ark rested in it's new place, I ordered a loaf of bread, a piece of meat, and a cake of raisins to be given to every man and woman who came.

My heart is still pounding with the excitement. After the celebration everyone went home humming songs of praise. At last the Ark of God was in Jerusalem resting in the tabernacle.

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1. What did David want to do?
2. Why did David want to bring the Ark of God to Jerusalem?
3. Where did David go and who did he take with him?
4. What was the Ark of God placed on?
5. What happened on the journey?
6. Why was David angry? Why was he afraid? 
7. What was done wrong?
8. Where was the Ark taken? For how long?
9. Why did David go a second time to get the Ark?
10. What did David do different the second time?

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