Wednesday, August 8, 2012

David Anointed King of All Israel

By Mary Vee
II Samuel 5

An Elder of Israel's Journal

A special meeting had to be called. Ishbosheth, king of Israel, had been murdered. The next in blood line to the throne wold be Mephibosheth, Jonathan's son. 

I convened a meeting. "Fellow elders of Israel, we must make a decision quick. Our people need a leader. Who should be crowned king?"

The men and I sat quiet. Our decision would be important. We needed to consider all possibilities before speaking. 

After a few moments, the elder to my right looked at the group. "What do you think of Mephibosheth?"

The elder to the left said, "Yes. We could appoint him, but a regent would also have to be chosen. He is a child."

The elder across from me said, "I have heard David, who is king of Judah, was anointed by the prophet Samuel to be the next king of Israel following Saul. This has been recorded as the will of God."

The elder to the left said, "Yes. I also heard Abner, Saul's captain went to David's camp and to the tribe of Benjamin to make arrangements for David to be put on the throne."

The men sat quiet again. We had to consider the information and make a wise choice. Should we crown the next in blood line or the one appointed by God?

I waited another moment then called for a vote. "What say you, fellow elders?"




I nodded. "I agree. David. Let's go to his camp at once."

We arrived in Hebron and requested a meeting with David, king of Judah. All the tribes of Israel joined us. David permitted the meeting.

"David, we are all from one family. In times past, during Saul's reign, you were the one who led us in battle. The Lord said to you, 'You shall take care of my people an rule over Israel.' We have come to anoint you king of all Israel."

He kneeled before us and said. "I will be happy to do as the Lord says."

The elders and I stepped forward and as oil poured on his head I said, "I anoint you, King of Israel. You have reigned in Judah now for seven years, may the Lord bless you with a longer reign in Israel."

All the witnesses shouted their blessings and congratulations.

Israel had a new king, David, a man of God.


1.  Why did the elders call a meeting?
2.  Who were the candidates for king.
3.  Who did they choose and why?
4.  Where did the elders go?
5.  Who went with them?
6.  What did the elders do in Hebron?

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