Saturday, August 11, 2012

David-1st Kingly Task-Take Back Jerusalem

By Mary Vee
II Samuel 5

From David's Journal

The elders of Israel anointed me King of all Israel. Fortunately, the people agreed. 

I didn't want to waste any time. God commanded us to take the land for the Hebrews. My first goal: take back Jerusalem.

How did we lose it? It all started when...

Joshua first declared the city Jerusalem greatest in the south part of Canaan. The city had been great even in Abraham's time. Once Joshua led the conquest of Canaan, Jerusalem was given to the tribe of Benjamin. 

For some reason, the tribe of Benjamin allowed the Jebusites to live in Jerusalem with them. In time the Jebusites grew in number and overtook the city. 

My first conquest for the Lord was to get the Jebusites out of Jerusalem.

I gathered my army and marched to the city. We camped outside the wall and looked over the situation to gain a plan. Several Jebusites shouted, "Unless you take away the blind and the lame, you will never set foot in this city."

Ooooo. Rude. 

They thought our army was so weak their blind and lame soldiers could conquer us. How dare they? Even their gods who could not see or walk had no power to protect them. Only the Almighty is a strong tower

Game on. 

I called my men close and announced, "Whoever conquers the Jebusites must completely conquer their blind and lame as well. Show no mercy. God's name shall receive honor. Completely destroy their idols in every home and in the temple. The one who does as I have asked will be chief and captain of my army."

The men organized a battle plan and pressed forward. With the strength of lions we conquered the city in one day, casting out all the blind and lame idols of the Jebusites and ridding the countryside of those disrespectful people.

I moved my wives and my men along with their families into the city and renamed it the city of David. My royal seat was established in Zion. This city which had been a terror for me, has become the defense of our people and a place of honor for our God.

We built houses and established ourselves in the great city of Jerusalem. God prospered us in strength and wealth. I received respect and honor from the people, but that is all to be given to God. The Lord God of host was with me, leading me, guiding me, protecting me, and caring for his people.

I saw in this battle, that I need not fear those around me. God is and always will be a tower of strength. Able to conquer any and all.

1.  The Bible says Jerusalem was a great city during the time of ____________ and ______________ ?
2.  Which tribe gained Jerusalem when the land had been conquered by Joshua?
3.  What people did the tribe of Benjamin allow to live with them?
4. Why was this bad?
5. Which city did David choose to first take back for the Hebrews?
6. Who won the battle?
7. What did David do after the battle?
8. Who received the honor?

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