Wednesday, July 4, 2012

David's Song, a Lament for Saul

By Mary Vee
II Samuel 1

David Journal

I could not contain my self. 

Although I was a man, I wept as a child... 

For the king whom God chose for Israel. 

The first king of Israel.


God's chosen tool to reign the Promised land had been killed in longer with us.

And my beloved best friend, Jonathan, Saul's son. Dead as well

Jonathan, who was my confidant, my help, my advocate--no longer with us.

How my heart ached.

I told the people to teach the Song of the Bow to the children of Judah that it may be given to future generations. 

Here is the song:

The Song of the Bow
as written in the Books of Jasher 

    On the hills of Israel our leaders are dead! 
      The bravest of our soldiers have fallen!
     Do not announce it in Gath 
      or in the streets of Ashkelon. 
    Do not make the women of Philistia glad; 
      do not let the daughters of pagans rejoice.

    May no rain or dew fall on Gilboa's hills; 
      may its fields be always barren! 
   For the shields of the brave lie there in disgrace; 
      the shield of Saul is no longer polished with oil.
    Jonathan's bow was deadly, 
      the sword of Saul was merciless, 
      striking down the mighty, killing the enemy.

   Saul and Jonathan, so wonderful and dear; 
      together in life, together in death; 
      swifter than eagles, stronger than lions.

   Women of Israel, mourn for Saul! 
      He clothed you in rich scarlet dresses 
      and adorned you with jewels and gold.

  The brave soldiers have fallen, 
      they were killed in battle. 
      Jonathan lies dead in the hills.

  I grieve for you, my brother Jonathan; 
      how dear you were to me! 
   How wonderful was your love for me, 
      better even than the love of women.

  The brave soldiers have fallen, 
      their weapons abandoned and useless.


1. David shows his compassion for the man who tried to kill him and the man who was his best friend. Why would he weep for them the same?

2. What made David so special in God's eyes?

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