Saturday, July 7, 2012

Before Doing, David Asks God

By Mary Vee
II Samuel 2

David's Thoughts

I had spent recent days morning the death of king Saul and his sons. Mourning the loss of the first king of Israel cleansed my heart and drew me closer to the Almighty.

The time came, though, to move forward. I couldn't weep the rest of my life. God had given me duties to do as well. A long time ago, God sent the prophet Samuel to anoint me as the next king of Israel. I don't know what to do today anymore then I knew that day I was anointed.

Whenever I didn't know what to do next, I asked the Lord. 

For years, my men and I had roamed the wilderness, hid in caves, and had to set up a village on Philistine land to hide from Saul. Now that Saul had died, we no longer needed to protect ourselves.

Should I return to Judah? Should we stay on Philistine land? Will I be crowned king? So many questions!

I went to the Lord and asked, "Should my men and I move to Judah?"

The Lord answered, "Yes."

"And which town in Judah would like me to go?"

"Go to Hebron."

The great and important city of Hebron. The Lord wanted me to set up household in the same city Abraham lived when he came to this land. Perhaps my home will be near the tree where Abraham set up his tent.

This was an exciting day for me. I called all six hundred of my men together and announced, "Pack your belongings and prepare your families. We are moving to Hebron."

The women and children sang and danced as they packed. We had a lot of fun preparing to move back to Hebrew occupied land. We herded the animals together, packed the donkeys and set out for Hebron.

Our climb up the mountain seemed easy. We couldn't wait to build homes and settle among our people. 

After we arrived, and set temporary homes, a group of men from Judah came to our camp.  

"David, we have long known the Lord chose you to be king after Saul. Now that you have returned to us we are prepared to anoint you as our king. 

"We only represent the tribe of Judah.  Until the other tribes are ready to accept you as king, we want you to be our king. Maybe they will see what they should do as well.

"If you will please, kneel."

I knelt before the leaders of Judah as they asked. All the men who had traveled with me watched with their families.

"David, I anoint you king of Judah." He poured the oil on my head.  "May you be used mightily of God."

When he finished, I stood before all the people who supported me."  

"Horrah!" they cheered. "David is king of Judah."

We celebrated late into the night, singing, dancing, and definitely praising God for taking cre of us all these years.

My greatest wish, as king, is to serve God as he wishes.

1. After the time of mourning, what was David's first question?
2. Who did David ask?
3. What was the answer?
4. What did David think Hebron was a special place?
5. Who came to visit David?
6. What did they want to do?
7. Was David king of Israel at this time?

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