Saturday, July 21, 2012

Abner Switches Sides

By Mary Vee
II Samuel 3

Abner's Thoughts

I thought I had done the right thing. Ish-Bosheth was Saul's son and had the right to be crowned king upon his father's death. 

One day, though, after I help him become king of Israel, Ish-Bosheth accused me of something I had not done. It was something big, and if he worked hard to make the people of Israel believe him, I could be killed. 

How ungrateful.

I had put up with a lot from him. As a king he could do good or bad and get away with it. In truth, though, my loyalty only reached so far. The day he falsely accused me was the day I left his palace.

I made sure he knew he made a bad choice, screaming every word. "Am I a dog's head on Judah's side? To this very day I have been loyal to Saul and his house. I didn't hand you over to David, and I could have done it at any time. With all my loyalty you have the gull to accuse me of something this big? Something I never did?

"You have lost my loyalty, Ish-Bosheth. I am going to get David on the throne of Israel as the Lord decreed." 

I didn't care that my throat hurt from screaming. That ungrateful son of Saul did not deserve to be king of Israel.

Ish-Bosheth cowered back like a scared mouse. He didn't speak to me again. A wise choice on his part.

I sent a messenger with the following to word to David. I now agree you should be king. Make an agreement with me and I will help put you on the throne of Israel.

David sent a message back. I will agree under one condition. Saul took my wife from me. Bring my wife with you and I will make the arrangements with you as you asked.

I went before the elders of Israel and held a meeting. "For some time you have wanted David to be king over Israel and I have fought you. I have changed my mind. The Lord said He would rescue us from the Philistines with David's hand. We need to put David on the throne."

I then went to the Benjamites, the tribe Saul, our first king and now his son, king Ish-Bosheth also came from. I reminded them of the Lord's promise to rescue us with David's hand. I spoke kindly of king Saul, but recommended we put David on the throne. They agreed to help.

After these meetings, I went to Hebron to speak with David. I presented him with his wife. He prepared a great feast for my men and me. The next day I spoke with David "If you will let me go, I will prepare a coronation before all Israel to set you on the throne. I am no longer a servant of king Ish-Bosheth."

David agreed and gave me a farewell hug. "It is good to be on the same side, Abner. Now Israel can be one, as God intended."

I admit I made a mistake. The Lord appointed David as next king, not Ish-Bosheth. At least the wrong could still be changed and the Lord's will be done.

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1. Abner left ___________ to go to ______________
2. Why did Abner switch sides?
3. David agreed under what conditions?
4. Once David agreed, who did Abner speak to first.
5. Who did Abner speak to second? Why them and no other tribe?
6. How did David greet Abner, who had been his enemy for years?
7. What did Abner want to leave to do?

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