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Saul Looks for Help in all the Wrong Places

By Mary Vee
I Samuel 28

From Saul's Journal

I had never seen such a vast army. The Philistines must have called every available soldier alive and a few more. From on top the mountain they looked like an invasion of insects, numerous, endless, ready to conquer our land. We didn't stand a chance.

I ordered every Israelite soldier to prepare for battle. We gathered at Mt.Gilboa and looked down at our enemy. We may have had the height advantage, but they had unbelievable numbers and superior weapons. 

My hands shook and my heart beat hard enough to burst from my chest. I had no idea what to do. The prophet Samuel had recently died. I couldn't go to him. I forced all the spiritists out of the land a while ago. I couldn't go to any of them. Who could I ask for help?

I wore a rut pacing and still couldn't decide what to do.

I even tried asking the Lord. I went off by myself and asked God what to do. Did He have a battle plan or instructions to save us? But I received no answer from Him. Neither did anyone come forward to report receiving word from God in a dream. He didn't even send a prophet to speak to me. 

What could I do? We were as good as dead.

Then I had an idea. I called one of my servants, "Find me a woman who is a medium. One who is known for her work in speaking with dead people. There must be at least one hiding in the country. Find her. I want to ask her a few questions."

The servant said, "I happen to know of a woman who is a medium. She lives in En Dor."

"Good, good." 

I ordered two soldiers to go with me. We traveled along the base of Mt. Gilboa past the Philistine camp and turned towards the Hill of Moreh, careful to remain out of the sight of the Philistines. En Dor was on the other side of the hill.

I had changed my clothes and wore a disguise to prevent anyone from recognizing me as the king. That night we entered the city and found the woman's home.

"Come in weary travelers," she said. 

Her home looked like any other home. Nothing special like I'd expect to find in a medium's home. "Please conduct a seance for me. I will tell you which dead person I want to speak to."

"I can't do that, sir. You know what Saul did. All mediums and spiritist have been banned from the country. Are you trying to get me in trouble. Maybe you're laying a trap to get me killed. No way. I won't do it." She folded her arms and pointed to the door.

Now what should I do? Maybe I can get her to change her mind.

Come back next week to read what happened.

1. Why was Saul worried?
2. Who had the better position for a battle?
3.  Who had more men?
4. Saul was mad because who was dead and therefore couldn't help him?
5. Saul asked God for directions, why didn't God answer (email me if you get stuck with this question. The answer isn't in this story.
6. Saul risked his life to visit someone. Who did he want to see? 
7. What did he want her to do?

Author's note: Once again Saul tries to solve problems his own way. If only he chose to obey God he'd find the answers he needed.

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