Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Saul Hears Terrible News

By Mary Vee
I Samuel 28

Saul's Thoughts

Yes. I told the soldiers to remove all mediums, people who talk to dead people. 

Yes. I tried to speak with the Lord and received no answer. The prophet Samuel told me this would happen because I didn't obey the Lord's commands. Still. I needed answers.

I had hoped a prophet would come to me and say he heard a message sent by God in a dream. Even that didn't work.

I needed to know what to do. A zillion Philistine soldiers camped in the valley over the hill. My spies confirm the Philistines planned to take out our army.

I chose to disguise myself and visit one of the mediums in hiding. She refused to help, because of my law. I rubbed my hands over her fire and said, "I promise, as the Lord lives, you won't be punished. I need your help...tonight."

She squinted her eyes as if looking close to see who I was. She didn't act like she recognized me. "All right, pay me my money and tell me who you want bought up."

I nodded to my guard to give her the money. "I want to see Samuel."

"Samuel?, the prophet Samuel? All right."  She said her mysterious words and moved her hands in a form of a dance. Her movements and sayings must not normally bring any real dead people, but this time it worked. She fell backwards when Samuel appeared. She sure looked angry. She pointed her finger and screamed, "Liar! You are Saul!"

I held my hands palm up to reassure her. "Don't be afraid. What did you see?"

She backed away from us again. Her hands trembled and her voice quivered. "I--I saw a spirit coming up out of the earth." 

"It's okay. What did the spirit look like?"

"It...looked like an old man and he is wearing a coat."

I knew the spirit must be Samuel. I lowered my face to the ground and bowed low.

A voice came from the spirit saying, "Why have you disturbed me by bring me up?"

"Samuel," I said, "I am deeply upset for the Philistines have come to war against me, and God left me. He doesn't answer me anymore. I haven't heard from any prophets or received any dreams. How else will I know what to do. I had to call you to find out what to do."

Samuel said, "Why do yo ask me? The Lord departed from you and became your enemy. He did this on His own as He told me He would. The Lord has torn the kingdom from your hands, Saul, and gave it to your neighbor, David. 

"Had you obeyed the Lord's commands with Amalek things might have been different. Instead you will be punished. You and the Israelite army with you will be given to the hands of the Philistines. Tomorrow you and your sons will be with me."

I fell flat on my face unable to move. Samuel's message repeated over and over in my mind. I had lost everything.

The woman offered me a piece of bread, and a meal to strengthen me before I left. I refused at first, but my servants and the woman convinced me I needed to eat something before traveling back to my army.

We left late that night. I thought about Samuel's words and shook. He said tomorrow I would be with him. No! What have I done?

1.  Why did Saul go to a medium for help?
2.  Who did he want to talk to?
3.  Did that person come?
4.  Why was the medium afraid?
5.  What did Saul ask?
6.  What did the person answer?
7.  What will happen to Saul and his sons tomorrow?

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