Saturday, June 23, 2012

Death of a King

By Mary Vee
I Samuel 31

Saul's Armor Bearer's Journal

The moment Saul called the army together I knew we didn't stand a chance.

He wanted to get instructions from Samuel, but Samuel had just died. 

Saul wanted to get instructions from God, God didn't answer His prayer like Samuel had warned. 

Saul finally went to a medium for instruction. Apparently he spoke with Samuel somehow while meeting with the medium, and learned he and his sons would die in the battle.

It was too late to change anything. Saul had walked away from God.

The Philistines lined up like fruit flies on rotting fruit. The army grew by the minute. Seemed like soldiers came out of cracks in the earth and hidden caves. We formed our army on Mt. Gilboa, overlooking our enemy. If only Saul had continued to follow the Lord's commands we would have had His protection.

I chose to follow my king into battle, carrying his armor, as I should, even if death strikes me.

The battle started shortly after. The Philistines came strong and sure, wielding their weapons, sharpened and new. We had hardly anything to fight with. A while ago the Philistines had robbed our blacksmiths of their sharpening tools. They could not do their work. If we needed a plow sharpened we had to go to the Philistines and pay them. 

Now in time of battle, what did we have? No blessing, no weapons, and a leader who had chosen not to follow God's commands.

We were doomed.

Israelite troops fled the scene by the thousands. Many still fell to the Philistine sword. The best Philistine soldiers hunted Saul and his sons, Jonathan, Abinadab, and Malchishua. Despite their warrior skills, they became trapped behind battle lines. I tried to help, but failed.

An arrow hit Saul, wounding him severely. Saul looked up at me and coughed a deathly sound. "Draw your sword and thrust it through me. Don't let a dog of a Philistine come and have the victory of sending me to my death. They will first abuse my body before killing me."

I couldn't stand the pain in his eyes, but I also could not be the one to end his life. He was my king! "I--I can't!" 

Saul mustered the last of his strength, grabbed his sword and thrust it into his own body. "I will not die at the hand of a Philistine."

News traveled to my part of the battlefield stating Jonathan, Abinadab, and Malchisua had also been killed by the Philistines.

What a terrible day. A day of disgrace.

I am writing down these events before I do what is honorable. My king, the one whom I have served by carrying his armor, has died in battle, therefore so shall I.

I will end my life in the same way. May God have mercy on all our souls.

1.  Who attacked the Israelites?
2.  Who was the commander of the Israelites?
3.  What had Samuel warned Saul?
4.  What happened to the Israelite soldiers?
5.  What happened to Saul's sons?
6.  What happened to Saul?
7.  What happened to the armor bearer, and why?
8.  Throughout this story the armor bearer told why these things happened. What was the reason?

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