Friday, June 8, 2012

Celebrating! Three Years of Bible Stories

Celebrating Three Years 
of Bible/Missionary Stories

Stepping into the lives of those who lived long ago,
 yet have so much to share today.

Bible Stories Posted Wednesdays and Saturdays

What did Noah's sons pass the time while on the ark? Did they pull the tiger's tail, slide down bales of hay, or tickle the giraffe's throat? 
How did Abraham, an old man, rescue his nephew, Lot, from the five wicked kings? How did he gather an army so fast and win a battle two other kings lost? 
Did Jacob weep when he finally found Joseph not only alive but also a powerful man in Egypt? What was Jacob's side of the story? 
Why did Boaz redeem Ruth? She wasn't an Israelite. She came from Moab. Why did he let her gleam in his fields for free?

Come read their stories. 
Look at the labels in the right column to find a Bible story.

Is the Missionary life easy? 
No one believed Gladys Aylward could learn Chinese at age thirty. Why would a woman want to travel by herself across the land of Russia during a time of war? Who would take a hundred children over a mountain for a fifteen day journey to save their lives?  Read Gladys Aylward's exciting series.  Click on Gladys Aylward in the column to the right

Want to play a Bible Game?

Click on the Bible Games tab at the top. Games are sorted by type: mazes, word search, dot to dot, crossword puzzles, and etc. Have some fun.

Summertime or after school boredom hit?

Click on the tips and fun ideas tab. Here are some money saving ideas. How to go to summer camp at home. How to be a super hero. Making friends. Make your own vacation to a foreign country while in your pajamas, and many more.

What's next?

Every Wednesday and Saturday new Bible stories continue to be posted. Step into the days of David, Solomon, and a host of other people who tell their stories in the Old Testament.

Every Monday a new missionary story is posted. At this time, step into J. Hudson Taylor's journey to China.

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This site is perfect for families, homeschoolers, Christian Schools, Sunday Schools, individuals who want to read about the lives of real people recorded in God's Word, and many more.

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