Wednesday, May 30, 2012

David Honors But Doesn't Trust Saul

By Mary Vee
I Samuel 26

David's Thoughts

Abishai slid like a shadow between the soldier's laying fast asleep and handed me the spear and jug of water. "As you asked, Commander, David. I would rather have killed your enemy."

I respected him for obeying my orders despite his desires. We moved outside the camp to a safe distance on the top of a hill, far from Saul and his army. I found a place where we could look down on Saul's camp. What a sight.

The sleeping mats spanned the valley before us, each with a man laying still in sleep. Had the Philistines come to this valley our king and his best men would be killed. Not one stayed awake to guard the camp...or the king of Israel.

I cupped my hands around my mouth and called out "Abner. Are you there?"

Abner scrambled to his feet and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He turned to my position, scanning the countryside to see who spoke. He raised his spear and puffed his chest out. "Who are you calling out to the king?"

The army soldiers leaped to their feet with their weapons poised. Those around Saul knitted a wall of protection with their bodies. A little too late, fellas. 

They had no clue we stood next to the king only a few moments before. "Abner, Are you a man? And who is your equal in Israel? Why haven't you guarded your lord the king? While you slept someone came in to kill your lord the king. You have failed at your job.

"As the lord lives, Abner, you deserve to die because you didn't guard your master, the Lord's anointed. Go, search by the king's bed for his spear and water jug."

Saul pushed the soldiers guarding him to the side and stepped forward. He shaded his eyes and looked up at the hill where I stood. "Is that your voice, my son David?"

"Yes, my lord, O king." I bowed. "Why does my king chase after me? What evil have I done? If the Lord has stirred your spirit to come after me, let him accept a sacrifice. If however, the people have sent you, let them be cursed before the Lord for they have driven me away from the Lord's inheritance. 

"Don't take my life, for you have come out to seek a flea, as when one huts a small bird in the mountains."

Saul stood there, not saying or doing anything. The morning birds fluttered to the sky gathering in clusters and swirling. He rubbed the back of his neck then looked my way. "David, I have sinned. Please come back with me. I promise not to harm you any more, for my life was precious in your eyes this day. Indeed, I have played the fool and erred exceedingly."

I don't know if he spoke the truth this time, but i needed to forgive him, yet again. "Send one of the young men to get your spear. May the Lord reward the righteousness and faithfulness of every man, for He delivered you into my hand today, but I chose not to kill the Lord's anointed. 

"And since your life was valued much this day in my eyes, so let my life be valued in your eyes and deliver me from this tribulation."

"May you be blessed, my son David. You will do great things and prevail in our land." Saul held his arms up toward me. 

Maybe he meant his words, I don't know. I chose not go back with him to find out.


1. What did Abishai take?
2. Where did David and Abishai go after they left the camp?
3. Who is Abner?
4. What did David say to Abner?
5. Who stepped forward to speak?
6. What did Saul decide to do?
7. What should Saul have been doing?
8. What did David ask of Saul? 

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