Saturday, May 19, 2012

Abigail Saves Her Household

By Mary Vee
I Samuel

The Shepherd/Servant's Thoughts

Abigail ordered me to run ahead and tell David she would come speak to him. She needed me to buy her time.

I chose two servants known to be fast runners and led them in the direction I last saw him. We hid in the shadow of a hill where wicked Nabal would not see us and waited for David and his men to arrive. 

He stopped his march after recognizing me. "Yes. What news have you, servant of Nabal."

"I am also a servant for his wife, Abigail, my lord. She is coming to speak with you. She sent me ahead to beg you, please hold your attack until she arrives."

David looked behind me then back at my eyes. "You gained my trust while we worked side by side with the sheep." He signaled his men to hold back. "All right. She may have a short time to get here. If she does not come soon, we will attack Nabal's household."

"Thank you, my lord." I had no concerns. I knew she would come. Abigail had proven her kindness and willingness to protect her family many times.

I watched the fields and after a short time, saw her in the distance. She kept under the shadow of the hill. If Nabal saw her, he might attack. She and the servants with her pulled donkeys ladened with food supplies chosen for David and his men.

David signaled his men to move toward her. Abigail slid off her donkey and bowed low to the ground. "My lord, please forgive my husband."

David shoved his hands on his hips. "I have protected all this." He pointed to the land around him. "All our work, now done in vain. We took nothing belonging to Nabal and yet he has repaid me evil for good. May God do so and more to my enemy if I let one male servant of his survive the night."

Abigail groaned. "Oh, my lord, please put the sin on me. And please let you maidservant speak to you and may you hear my words."

She waited for his permission to speak then continued. "Please pay no attention to the scoundrel, Nabal. His name, meaning folly, fits him. But I did not see the young men whom you sent. Since the Lord has held you back from bloodshed to avenge yourselves until I could speak with you, please reconsider your plan. 

"And now, accept this present which your maidservant has brought you. Give it to the young men who follow you, my lord. Please forgive the sins of your maidservant for surely the Lord will reward your house since you fight His battles and evil is not found in you.

"Even though a man seeks your life, yet God protects you. The Lord shall reward you for all the good you've done, for you will rule Israel. And now, please spare yourself grief for shedding blood without cause. When the Lord deals well with you, then remember me."

David looked at her for a few minutes. His face soften and resumed normal color. He reached out to her and helped her stand. "Blessed is the Lord God of Israel who sent you this day to meet me. And blessed is your advice, and blessed are you, because you have kept me from shedding blood and from avenging myself with my own hand.

"Truly the Lord has kept me back from hurting your household to give you opportunity to rush out to meet me. You have saved the lives of your servants, Nabal's servants. Thank you for this gift of food. 

"And now, please, go in peace to your house. I will respect you, your family, and your servants."

I walked with Abigail and the others back to her house. Truly this woman has won the blessings of the Almighty God.

1. Who did the servant rush to meet?
2. What message did he give?
3. What did David say?
4. Who came next and what did the person bring?
5. What message did she give David. 
6. Who took the blame for the sin? Who actually sinned?
7. What did David decide?

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