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Abigail Marries David

By  Mary Vee
I Samuel 25

Abigail's Thoughts

My husband has brought terror upon our household. I am tormented with what could happen to our home, our servants, our lives. 

David, the man we all knew to be anointed as future king of Israel, protected, shared his food, and included our shepherds in his group. I didn't know it at the time, but I do now. Yesterday, one of those shepherds came to me and reported Nabal, that wicked husband of mine, refused to give David and his men food when they asked. 


I gathered what I could, my blessed servants ran with me from one storehouse to another stuffing food into satchels and loading them on the donkeys. To buy me needed time to finish packing enough food for all of David's men, I sent servants ahead with a message for David to please wait for me.

We hurried the donkeys, yet taking care to not spill any food. I'd hope Nabal couldn't see me, if he did, he'd start a fight and get us all killed. I prayed I wasn't too late to undo the evil he has done. To prevent Nabal from discovering us, we travelled along the shadows of a hill. 

As I expected, David was furious. I slid off my donkey and feel to the ground before him and begged his mercy for our household. My words seemed to appease his spirit. Once he calmed, I showed him the gift of food. The idea worked. He allowed his men to accept the food, each one thanked me as though I saved their lives. I asked David to remember my deed.

Our lives may have been spared that time, but would they be spared the next moment Nabal refused to help someone? David assured me our household would be left in peace and then granted me permission to leave.

I didn't go home. I couldn't. 

I needed to speak with Nabal.

I found him hosting a big feast with many guest, the man and all those with him were drunk. I would be a fool to speak to him when he couldn't think clearly. I spent time with others at the festival and waited until morning to speak with that scoundrel, Nabal.

After the sun rose and my husband awoke, I told him about my errand and David's forgiveness. My husband stared at me as if in shock. He pressed his hand to his chest, his eyes widened as if in pain. He couldn't seem to speak.

I used every remedies I'd learned from my mother to help Nabal get well, but nothing worked. He died ten days later. 

A messenger came to me when my mourning time had ended. "My lady, I have a message for you from David."


"He has heard the news of Nabal's death and thinks of your safety. He asks me to bring you to him. He...wishes to marry you."

My heart was blessed. The Almighty took care of my needs even before I asked. I felt humbled and wanted to sing and dance before the Lord. I bowed to the messenger. "Here I am, the maidservant to your master, ready to wash the feet of his servants." 

I hurried to pack a few things, called five maidservants to go with me, and left what use to be my home. The messenger took me to David's camp. 

I didn't have to wait, David walked toward me from his tent and greeted me with such a caring tenderness. "Abigail, you are a woman who has proven her love for God by caring for your household when your husband would not,  I am happy to see you here."

"Thank you, my lord."

"Abigail, because of your faithfulness and act of kindness, will you join us and let me care for your needs. Will you...marry me?"

I bowed my head. "Yes, my lord. I would be honored."

That day I became David's wife. He was quit a different husband from Nabal. 

God has blessed me far more than I could have ever asked.


1.  What did Nabal do?
2.  How did Abigail save her household?
3.  After David forgave them what did Abigail to?
4.  What was Nabal doing?
5.  What happened to Nabal?
6.  Who punished Nabal?
7.  How did God reward Abigail for her faithfulness to her household?

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