Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jonathan Signals Danger

By Mary Vee
I Samuel 20

Jonathan's Thoughts

I couldn't warn David last night after I left the New Moon Festival.

He would have hidden in some random cave in the dark. No one would be able to see him, well, except God, of course.

I waited until this morning as we'd planned. Didn't bother to eat a morning meal. David had to be warned right away.

Down by the stables, I found my servant sleeping. "Get up lad. Fetch my arrows and bow."

He rubbed the sleep from his eyes, ran to my weapons, and grabbed them. He soon caught up with me. I pointed to the field where David and I last met. "We'll go over there for my morning practice."

Once in place, I scanned the trees in the distance. No sign of David. Didn't matter. He probably found a place to hide among the brush before I woke this morning.

I took my bow and an arrow from the servant. "Be ready to fetch the arrows, lad." He nodded.

The arrow slipped into the notch and I pulled back. "Go. Run."  The little guy ran as if his next meal sat on a rock in the field.

I released the arrow and watched it soar high above the young servant's head. I shouted, "Go, the arrow is beyond you. Hurry, don't wait."  He ran and gathered all the arrows and brought them back to me.

"Well done. Take my bow and the arrows back to the city."  He bowed and took the weapons.

I sat in the field and picked a blade of grass, waiting for David to join me. Once the boy had left the field my friend poked his head up from a bush on the south side of the field. To keep his secret I walked toward the place I saw him as though on a daily stroll.

There he waited, behind the bushes. My friend bowed three times and greeted me with a hug. Tears fell from his eyes. I could see in his eyes, he knew what I would say. My father would not rest until he'd killed David. We would not be able to laugh, play, or share secrets together any more. He would have to hide...from the king

I put my hands on his shoulders, "Go in peace. We've made our promises to protect each other whenever possible." I looked down for a moment. I didn't want' to lose my best friend, but he needed to go, right away. Loneliness crept into my heart.

He shook his head and let a tear fall. "I will protect your family, Jonathan. I promise."

Then David left.

Others might have become angry when they learned the king wanted to kill them. Such a person probably would promised to kill the king. But not my friend, David. He loved God too much to let anger win.

I walked back to the city, to my home, to my room and wished I could see my friend David again.

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1.  Why did Jonathan warn David as soon as he left the festival?
2.  What did Jonathan want to do first thing the next morning?
3.  Who did he take with him?
4.  Where did they go?
5.  Who did Jonathan look for in the distance?
6.  Why did Jonathan shoot the arrows so far?
7.  After the servant boy left, who came out of hiding?
8.  What did David and Jonathan say to each other?

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