Monday, April 16, 2012

Hudson Taylor-The Ship Worker's Promise

By Mary Vee

Hudson Taylor's Thoughts

God has shown me twice He would provide for my needs. That I could trust Him.

But before I left for China, I still wanted to know if God would provide all my needs without my asking anyone other than Him for food, a bed, and the strength to do His will.

One day I received a letter from my father offering to pay all my housing costs in London while I attended medical school. He really didn't have any extra money to give, but he wanted to help. A day or so later I received a letter from the Committee of Chinese Evangelism Society. They too wanted to help pay my living expenses while I went medical school.

What a wonderful surprise. 

I wrote my father and the committee back and told each one I would pray about their gift. In my father's note I told him about the committee's idea, and I did the same for the committee. 

I prayed for a couple of days, wanting to make sure my decision would be exactly what God had in mind.

During the prayer, it occurred to me, by turning down both gifts I would have to trust God to supply whatever I needed. The more I prayed, the more I knew this was what God wanted me to do.

I wrote my father, thanking him for his gift, but God had not led me to accept his help. And then I wrote the committee and told them the same message. Each would think I had accepted the other's gift. Neither would know I had put my needs completely in God's care. And neither would feel bad that I didn't have any way to support myself other than trusting in God.

In my heart, I understood God wanted to show me He would always take care of me in China.

I didn't receive a large amount of money in an envelope or in any other mysterious way. Life became a struggle. Many days I had no food.

My cousin shared an apartment with me. The money he paid for rent helped me to buy some food and pay rent. I also learned to survive with little food, mostly bread, apples, and water and I walked the eight miles each day to get to my classes at the hospital. 

One day a woman in my apartment building asked me to pick up her husband's pay. Normally his pay would be put in the bank for him and a fee would be charged. By picking up the money the couple could save money. As a ship worker who needed to stay on board, he couldn't pick up the money. The woman knocked on my door one morning. "The landlady wants the rent today. I don't know what to do. My husband won't receive his pay until this afternoon." I gave her my food money knowing that after school I could pick up the money from the shipping clerk.

When I arrived to pick up the money the clerk told me the ship worker had run away to search for gold. Hmm, I thought. The lady would not be able to give me the money back for food and I won't have the allowance. Well, God. This will be a wonderful moment to see Your answer to this problem.

I walked away humming a song that came to mind. Not one worry popped in my mind. I knew, I simply knew God would take care of me. 

You'll have to come back next week to see what happened next.

J. Hudson Taylor

What questions do you have?

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