Monday, April 23, 2012

Hudson Taylor-The Power of a Tiny Cut

By Mary Vee

J. Hudson Taylor's Thoughts

I went home after hearing the ship worker had run away and not honored his promise to send money for his wife. I loaned her the money and now would not be repaid.

My stomach grumbled. Since there wasn't a single coin in my pocket, I chose to ignore it and worked to prepare for my classes the next day. Every few evenings I sewed sheets of paper together to take notes on for class lectures. While I sewed I prayed. Talking to God kept my mind off of food. In truth, I was very hungry.

As the needle pushed in and through the sheets, I imagined life as a missionary in China, what the country looked like, what I would say to the people. I pushed and pulled the needle through thick pages practicing Scripture verses.

At one point the needle refused to push through the sheets. I set my first finger on the top sheet and pressed through from the bottom page with my thumb. After a hearty shove the needed popped through and pricked my finger. I hardly thought about the matter and kept working.

The next morning I took my newly sewn notebook and a half loaf of bread to the hospital.

One of my classes schedule for that day was dissection. The other students and I examined the insides of bodies to learn where, what, and why God put things there. The body given to us that day had experienced a deadly fever. So deadly, the professor said the powerful germ could still attack any of us through a simple cut in our skin.

The instructor refused to allow any student in the dissection room who had a cut. He asked us several times. "Do you have a cut. If, so, stay out of that room." We checked each other to insure no one entering the room had a cut.

I knew I didn't have a cut, and no one found any on my skin. I entered the dissection room with a few other students and participated in the dissection. We saw how the fever attacked the body. A terrible disease, indeed.

After class we visited the wards to check on patients. At lunch time I suddenly became sick. Quite sick. Since I rarely became ill, I hardly knew what to do. I sat in a room by myself and drank a class of cool water. After a short time I felt better and rejoined the students. But during the afternoon lectures, my energy left. I couldn't hold my pencil, or focus on the instructor's words.

A searing pain ran through my arm and down my right side. I left the lecture and went to the dissection room to pack my tools to go home. The demonstrator turned to me. "Why are you here, now?"

I rubbed sweat from my forehead. "I don't know what's happening to me. I can't focus, I have no energy, I feel awful."

He became quite angry. "The answer is clear. While dissection you became careless and cut yourself, and you knew this body had a malignant fever."

"No, please. I took great care to not cut myself. I know I didn't."

The surgeon shook his head. "You must have a cut!" He grabbed my hands and searched every inch but didn't find one.

Then I remembered the needle poke from the night before. "Excuse me, Sir, could a needle prick from last night still be unclosed this morning?"

He lowered his head. "Most likely. I recommend you get a taxi and go home as fast as you can. Take care of any will or other papers you have, because you will be a dead man very soon."

The only thought in my mind was: how could I be a missionary in China if I died right then? None of this new disease made sense to me.

Come back next week to read what happened.

J. Hudson Taylor

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  1. We like the missionary stories.
    Please continue missionary stories.
    We love hearing your blog.
    More kid pictures, please.
    Please ask us questions about your missionary stories.

    Fourth, fifth grade students of Mrs. McConnell

  2. We wrote what might happen next:

    I think God heals Hudson Taylor from the disease. So he can go to China, and be a missionary. That's what I think will happen next in the story of J. Hudson Taylor.

    I think that Taylor will pray super extra harder and God will save his life and then he will be a missionary in China a few years later.

    I think in the future Hudson Taylor will get better. That He will still become a missionary. I know I have faith in God that He will let Hudson Taylor will have a good life. I know I would feel good if I saved somebody!

    I think J. Hudson Taylor will get ill. Then he will get better. And his cut will get fixed up. And he will go back to his job.

    What I think is going to happen is J. Hudson is going to stay alive and be a good missionary in China.

    I think he will almost die, but God gives the doctors a cure for him. He gets better and gets married and goes to China. He dies in China on a mission.

    I think what will happen is that J. Hudson Taylor will get really sick. But through the miracle of God he will not die. He has a life as a missionary ahead of him. And he is going to be a great person.

    I think that Mr. Taylor will go home and pray to God and he will ask his Dad for medicine. If he doesn't get better then he will keep praying. Hopefully his dad will get his medicine and God will help him recover.

    I think he will get better and become a missionary to China. I think he will succeed. I also think he will live for God and be good. Hudson will be a missionary to China . And will heal from his sickness.

    I think J. Hudson Taylor will go to the hospital and get his disease taken away from him so that he can go to China.

    These are comments from fourth/fifth grade class of Mrs. McConnell

  3. So many great ideas. In fact there is one of your ideas that is correct. But I can't tell you which one it is and spoil the story, can I? Guess you'll have to come back.
    Thanks for stopping by, class. I always love seeing you here.:)


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