Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Evil Doeg, Turns the Priest In

By Mary Vee
I Samuel 22

Thoughts from a Servant of King Saul

I have served King Saul for many years. I will remain loyal to him and obey him since he is my king...whether I agree with him or not.

King Saul had searched the countryside for David. He had troops looking in bushes, in homes, and stables. He received a report recently stating David's hiding place had been found. Saul camped in Gibeah under a tamarisk tree. He sat there with a spear in his hand ready at all times to kill David.

He called his troops for a meeting. "Listen up, you Benjamites. Do you think David, son of Jesse, will give each of you fields and vineyards and make you all captains of thousands or hundreds? Clearly all of you have banded together against me. Not one of you told me my son made a covenant with David. Not one of you feels sorry for me or has reported my son turned my troops against me, or that David lies in wait to kill me at this instant."

Doeg the Edomite stepped forward. He had been appointed head over the servants. He bowed before the king. "My lord. Begging your pardon. I have information."

King Saul leaned forward. "Finally, a trustworthy servant. Tell me your information."

Doeg bowed again. "I saw David escaping to Nob and he met with Ahimelech, the priest. During their visit, Ahimelech prayed to the Lord for David, gave him and his men food and drink, and..." Doeg lowered his voice and looked at the other men then back at King Saul. "Ahimelech gave him the sword of Goliath, the Philistine."

The troops looked at each other with wide eyes and shook their heads. King Saul's fingers wrapped tighter around his spear. I had hoped he wouldn't throw it at anyone. Saw stood up, took a deep breath and squinted his eyes. He growled. "Send for Ahimelech the priest, the son of Ahitub, and all his father's house.  At once!"

A group of troops left right away.

A while later they returned with Ahimelech and eighty-four men from his father's house. He bowed before the king and said, "Here I am, my lord."

Saul moved his lips side to side. His face grew redder each second he didn't speak. Finally he folded his arms and spoke. "Tell me, Ahimelech, Why have you conspired with David against me? I understand you gave him bread, a sword, and asked God directions for him. All this was done to help David rise against me, to lie in wait on this very day."

"My lord," Ahimelech said. "Is there any one of your men as faithful to you as David? He is your son-in-law. he has faithfully done everything you've commanded and has been honorable in your house. While he lived in your house did I ask God's His will for his life? No way! I am innocent of these charges."

Come back next to see what happens to Ahimelech. (Hint Doeg is going to do something)

1. What report did King Saul receive in Gibeah?
2. What tribe were the troops from?
3. Here is a bonus one for you, the answer is not in this story, what tribe is Saul from?
4. What terrible act did Saul accuse his troops?
5. What traitor stepped forward? What did he say?
6.  Who all did Saul send for?
7.  What did Ahimilech say?

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