Saturday, April 14, 2012

David-A Friend to the Needy

By Mary Vee
I Samuel 22

David's Thoughts


Without realizing it, I had risked the lives of everyone with me. Without God's help, the Philistine king of Gath would have killed us all, right there in his court.

After  the king had us thrown out of the city, I led the men northeast, back toward my family's home and hid in the caves of Adullam. 

Somehow my family heard the news of our hiding place. Maybe one of the men saw my need to see my family, crept away, and told them. 

My brothers and all my father's house came to visit me. I hugged each one tight and long. When would I see them again? Would King Saul punish them because of me? Each member, a treasure, each one my family. They stayed with us in the cave.

As the days trickled by more people came to stay in the cave with us. Some were poor, others scared, and others unhappy. All left their homes and came to hide in the caves of Adullam with us.

I greeted each one with a hug and a soft word. I didn't have money to give, but what I had, a confidence in God's protection, I gave. The number hiding in the caves grew to four hundred men. This did not count the women with us.

With so many people coming to the caves to hide, word was bound to get to King Saul about our location. I needed to move my family to safety...out of the country. I called the people together. "My family is in danger, I am leaving tomorrow to take them out of the country. I plan to take them to Moab."

One of the men stood. "We will go with you and protect your family on the journey. You, David, are our captain." 

Before he sat again, the others rose with him. "We will all go with you, Captain."

I led the people to Moab and asked to speak with the king. He agreed to see me. I asked him, "My lord, please let my father and mother come here with you until I know what God will do for me." The king agreed to let my family live in Moab. 

God took care of my family in Moab while I fled King Saul and his army. Praise Him for His mercy and goodness.

Along the way, a prophet found me. He said, "David you must not stay here. Go to the land of Judah." 

Once again, God gave me direction. I didn't need to know why he wanted me to leave. I obeyed the prophet's words immediately because I had learned God used people to take care of me.

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1.  Where did David take his followers?
2.  Who came to visit him?
3.  Who else came to hide with him?
4.  How did David greet/take care of them?
5.  What did David do for his family?
6.  What did the King of Moab say?
7.  Who else brought David a message?
8.  What did David know for sure?

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