Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Best Place to Hide

By Mary Vee
I Samuel 20

David's Thoughts

I tried to make peace with King Saul. I tried to show my loyalty to him but he wouldn't listen. My only choice, escape or die.

If I knew what I did wrong, how I offended the king, I would have tried to fix it.

My best fried, Jonathan warned me of his father plans. Deep down in my heart I already knew, but Jonathan didn't. When King Saul screamed his threats to kill me in front of all the people at the festival, Jonathan stormed out of the banquet hall. The next morning, he met me in the practice field and told me the news. It was a goodbye to our friendship that meant forever.

Several soldiers fled the city with me. On the way to Nob, they pledged their allegiance, promising to fight for me against the king. While I appreciated their thoughts, I didn't want any harm to come to the king. My first job: teach the soldiers to honor the king God had chosen for our country at this time, no matter what the king did or said.

Nob seemed like the perfect place to hide. This was the home of the priest, Ahimelech.

We ran most of the way, dodging between shadows, never knowing if a loyalist for King Saul hid behind a bush ready to attack. Once in Nob, we searched for the priest's house. He must have known trouble followed us because his eyes widened and he pressed his hands against his his face. "What are you doing here, David. Why are you alone?"

As a captain in the king's army, I would normally only march through this area with soldiers ready to do battle.  Ahimelech took one look behind me and saw I didn't have my troops.

My men and I hadn't eaten in a long time. "Ahimelech, I need your help. Do you have any bread? We're hungry."

He shook his head. "There isn't any regular bread for me to share." He looked behind me and around us to see if anyone else could hear. "There is..." he whispered softer, "holy bread, if the men with you have kept themselves clean."

We'd been running for three days. My men wouldn't have had any time to get into trouble. "My men and I are clean, Ahimelech. Could we have the bread?"

He brought us five loaves. I broke off a piece for myself then gave the rest to my men. "Thank you. Could I ask one more favor?  The task I have is really important. In fact I hurried away from the city so fast I forgot my spear and sword. Do you happen to have a weapon I could use?"

"I have but one." Ahimelech pointed to a cloth behind the ephod. "There is the sword of Goliath, the Philistine. The one you killed in the Valley of Elah. This is all I have to offer."

I went to the cloth, unwrapped the sword of Goliath and held it high in the air. What a magnificent sword! "Thank you. Ahimelech. This will help me succeed in my task."

I didn't know at that time, that Doeg, an Edomite who worked for King Saul, happened to be there that same day. But that is another story yet to come.

1.  Who warned David and why?
2.  Where did David go?
3.  What did David ask from the priest?
4.  What did the priest give David?
5.  David needed something else. What did he ask for?
6.  What did the priest give David?
7.  Both times David asked the priest for something, he received something better. Why did that happen?

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