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Saul Gives David a Gift

By Mary Vee
I Samuel 18

Saul's Thoughts

I needed to do something. David had become very popular with the people. I think he might try to take my throne away from me.

It was shortly after I went to bed that I remembered my promise: whoever killed Goliath, the Philistine would be given my oldest daughter in marriage.

The next morning I called for David and said, "Here is my oldest daughter Merab. I will give her to you as a wife. Only, please, be a valiant soldier for me. Fight the Lord's battles."

I kept a serious face while giving the instructions, but what I really wanted was to be rid of him. If I could get David to fight more battles against the Philistines, then naturally, at some point, he would be killed. And by giving Merab as his wife, I knew she would distract his thinking on the battlefield. This should guarantee his death. 

I pushed Merab closer to him and smiled.

David bowed and spoke softly. "No, my king. I am no one special. I can't marry someone as important as a king's daughter. My father's family isn't important in Israel. No I don't have the right to become your son-in-law."

No matter what I said to assure him he could marry her, he turned down my offer. 

I needed a new plan. I called several of my servants. "Go to David and pretend to be his friend. Tell him this message secretly, 'The king is happy with you and all his servants love you. You should accept his offer and become the king's son-in-law.' When you say this to him, do what ever you need to make him believe you."

The servants came back to me and shook their heads. "We tried my lord. David said, 'Do you really think it is something simple to be a king's son-in-law when I am a poor and lowly man?' He doesn't think he has the right to marry her."

There had to be a way to win. I thought of another plan. "Go back to David and tell him, 'The king does not want a dowry. All you have to do is go to battle and kill one hundred Philistines and bring proof that you took vengeance on the king's enemies.'"

I knew that would be the perfect plan. David couldn't resist obeying my orders. Now David would die at the hands of the Philistines. I felt much better. The anger inside turned to joy. I felt like celebrating. Soon I'd be rid of David, the man deeply dedicated to God, and a bundle of problems for me.

But at the end of the day my servant announced David's had returned. Hah. He gave up. I knew he wasn't so powerful. Well, I supposed being a quitter was as good as being killed. I would have word spread throughout the country that David had walked away from a battlefield.

He walked into the throne room carrying something and bowed to me. He lay at my feet his proof of killing not one hundred but two hundred Philistines! 

My face burned with anger. Why didn't he die? How am I suppose to get rid of him?

I had no choice. I gave him my oldest daughter for his wife and hoped he'd still fall into the hands of the Philistines somehow, someway.

It bothers me that the spirit of Lord is with David and David obeys everything God says. I must put a stop to this.

1. Saul thought he could get rid of David in what two ways?
2. What gift did Saul give David?
3. What did David say?
4. Saul commanded David to bring him proof of killing 100 of their enemy. What did David do?
5. Why is Saul really angry with David?

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