Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saul Dislikes David

By Mary Vee
I Samuel 18

Saul's Thoughts

I couldn't decide what to do. 

Every day angry thoughts stormed into my head. I couldn't think straight. How was I suppose to do my work? 

I called for David because his harp playing soothed my soul. But this same David was the one people loved more than me. 

I heard the people's  songs and whispers. David was a great and might warrior--better than me. I balled my fist and let the rage take over me. Pounding. Again and again in my head.

I had done a lot for these people. They asked me to be their king, I didn't ask for the job. I led the army into battles against our enemies and still I have won. I am a mighty king. Yet the people only speak of David. 

There he sat in my chamber playing his music. It wasn't working, not one soothing note rang from his harp. It sounded like noise, clanging noise. My anger grew strong and powerful. I had to act.

There at my side was my spear. I wrapped my fingers around it and squeezed. I could get rid of this one who pleased God and the people. My hand squeezed tighter around the weapon and I raised it near my shoulders.

David looked up from his instrument at me. His eyes grew wide. He dropped his instrument and ran out of my chamber at the instant I threw my spear. Had he not noticed. The spear would have hit my target.

God may have spared him that time, but a few days later my anger grew again and I threw my spear at David. 

He fled before my weapon made contact. 

I heard the people whisper. I knew. The Lord was with David and not with me. I had to keep him out of my chamber, far away from my chamber. That day I made him captain of a thousand men and sent him to battle. Now we'll see what the people say when little David is away.

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1. Why would Saul call David to his chamber?
2. What did the people say that made Saul angry?
3. What did David do that made Saul angry?
4. What did Saul decide to do?
5. What happened to David?
6. How did Saul get David to leave?
7. Why did the Lord's Spirit leave Saul but stay with David?

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