Saturday, March 3, 2012

A New Friend

By Mary Vee
I Samuel 18

Jonathan's Thoughts

David had come to my father's chamber a few times before. My father is king Saul.

David was the one who brought his harp and played music to soothe my dad's angry temper. Before he came, Dad would would have angry fits. He stormed around yelling and screaming at everyone. Absolutely nothing would calm him down.

Each day he became worse until his servants found David, a harp player who tended sheep.

David didn't come every day. He had to return to care for his own father's sheep. Sometimes father would call for David at battlefields to play calming music, then he'd send him back home.

All in all, I didn't really know David other than the one who came to calm father's angry fits.

One day a giant Philistine challenged our army to a one-man fight. The winner could declare victory for his whole army. The man stood taller than anyone I'd seen. His armor weighed more than I could carry without a chariot's help. Not one man in my father's army volunteered to fight. Not even me. 

True, not long ago, my servant and I crept into a Philistine camp and with the help of God killed many of their soldiers, but this was different. If I lost this battle, the entire Israelite army would pay the price, not just me. 

After forty days of the giant's mocking our army, David happened along to bring food for his brothers. He listened to the giant's mockery and became angry. He caused such a fuss the soldiers took him to my father.

I watched his fury build, this person about the same age as me who played soothing music for my father. He talked about the lions and bears he'd killed with his bare hands and about God's power which would help him kill this giant, too. I found his spirit for God amazing. 

I laughed when father put his armor on David. Hah. It was like putting a lamb in a lion's skin. David had to take the armor off to fight, of course, he couldn't even walk! He didn't even want a spear or sword from father. I couldn't figure out how he planned to kill the giant.

David went out to the meeting place, yelled something about the Lord's power, took one of five stones from his shepherd's bag and whipped it at the giant. The giant fell dead. Just like that.

This is a person I wanted for a friend. This person lived for the Lord, no matter what came his way.

Our army chased the Philistines, conquering them then returned to camp. I went to David and gave him my robe, my armor...which fit him much better, my sword, bow, and belt. I said, "David, you are a person I want for a true friend." 

He smiled and said, "Yes, Jonathan. You are a person I want for a true friend as well."

I've wanted to have a best friend for a long time, and now I have one, David, son of Jesse.

1. What had David done for his father?
2. When had Jonathan seen David?
3. What happened the day David brought food for this brothers?
4. Why didn't Jonathan offer to fight Goliath?
5. Had Jonathan offered to fight when no one else would before? When?
6. Why did Jonathan want to be friends with David?
7. Who is Jonathan?

How about you? Tell about your best friend.

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