Saturday, March 31, 2012

King Saul and the New Moon Festival

Jonathan’s Thoughts

The banquet hall had been set with all the requirements for the New Moon Festival. Great decorations, music, food. Three days of celebrating. 

I sat at my usual place near my father, King Saul. He sat with his back against the wall. His captain, Abner, joined us.

I especially liked the specialty foods served at these celebrations. I wish my friend David was here, though. We could have an eating contest, it’s the only time my father let us goof off during the festival. He probably wished he could join us. Glad I’m not king.

The music played while the servants brought the food. My father looked at David’s empty seat but didn’t say anything. He probably thought David was sick or unclean. Jus as well, I didn’t want to tell him David's excuse: he told me to say he went to his parents house to celebrate the New Moon.

The truth was, David hid in the fields or caves. He thinks my father, King Saul wanted to kill him.

On the second night of the New Moon Festival I arrived a little late on purpose. My father, of course, arrived early to be sociable. He sat at his place with his wall to the back and had a plate with pieces of already chewed food.

I stopped to talk to a few friends before taking my seat near the front. Not long after I sat, my father looked at David’s seat then at me. “Where's David?”

I cleared my throat. “David? He, um, asked permission to go to his father’s house for the annual sacrifice. He said his brother commanded him to go.”

I watched his face. How would he react? I didn’t have to wait long to see.

His face turned red as a burning sunrise. He pounded his fist on the table. “He did what? You let him go without my permission? How dare you. I knew you would be no good. Don’t you realize he's trying to steal the crown from you? Why I even call you son is beyond my understanding...”

The banquet hall became silent. All eyes turned to my father, their king. How embarrassing.

He continued shouting insults at me with few breaths in between his screams. His face grew redder like he'd explode. His arm dropped to his side near his spear. He picked it up, took aim, and threw it at me right in front of all those people!

Thanks be to God, he missed. 

That was it. I refused to sit at his table or eat any of the festival food. He may be my king but I will not let him insult my friend, a godly man who loves God. 

I ran out of the room to warn David.

1.  Why do you think King Saul sat with his back against the wall?
2.  Why didn't David come to the New Moon Festival?
3.  Where did David go?
4.  Why was Saul angry with his son Jonathan?
5.  Why did Jonathan protect David?   

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