Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jonathan's Plan to Save David

By Mary Vee
I Samuel 20

Jonathan’s Thoughts

David is my friend.

I had thought that all the problems between my father, king Saul, and my friend, David, had been worked out. 

Father recently said he wouldn’t kill David. He gave his word right in the very field where David and I stood three days ago.

We had met to talk in secret, away from my father.

“You must believe me,” I said to David. “Father will keep his word. You’re safe.”

But David shook his head. “No, Jonathan. King Saul told his servants to keep the threats against me a secret from you.”

Normally I’d believe my friend, but this time I wanted to believe my father. He gave his word.

David looked straight at my eyes. “Really? You believe him?" He smiled. “How can I convince you, Jonathan?”

I didn’t know. I didn’t want my friend killed of course, but I wanted him to stay at the palace with us.

“The New Moon celebration starts tonight,” David said. “Although I should be at your father’s table I’m going to hide. Watch what King Saul does when he realizes I am not there. If he misses me, tell him I asked permission to visit my family for their annual sacrifice.

“If your father says, ‘That’s fine’ you’ll know I am safe. But if he’s angry, you’ll know he has evil plans for me. In that case you may as well kill me rather than let your father.”

What was he saying? He actually thought I'd--. “No way. I would tell you if my father wanted to kill you. You know I’d protect you, David. Our friendship is strong.” 

We walked out to the field where I practice shooting arrows. It was a safe place to make plans. “The Lord is my witness,” I said, “You will hear the report about my father.  Meet me here in three days. I’ll come to this same place to practice shooting. If I say to my servant ‘Look the arrows are near, get them and come back.’ Then you are safe.

"But, if after I shoot I say, ‘The arrows are far, go quickly’ to my servant then you must run far for my father is hunting you."

He had to leave before anyone saw him. “Go my friend. In three days we will know the truth.”

I watched my friend run for the trees. I hope he’s wrong.

1.  What had King Saul promised his son Jonathan?
2.  Why did David and Jonathan meet?
3.  David said Jonathan was mistaken about what?
4. Where did they go to make their secret plans?
5. How could David prove to Jonathan what king Saul planned?
6. What signal did Jonathon plan to tell David to run?

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