Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jonathan Pleads David's Case

Mary Vee
I Samuel 19

Jonathan's Thoughts

My dad has been the king of Israel, the first king chosen by God and the people of this land.

He use to be a fun person to be around and because of his bravery I felt proud to call him my dad.

Then he changed.

He offered a sacrifice by himself instead of waiting for the priest, he built monuments to himself, he didn't even take charge of the battle against Goliath. Nothing and no one pleased him. I didn't like watching him sit all day when others went to battle. Why was he so angry? Why wouldn't he get up and lead?

One day he called me to his chamber along with a few of his servants. He said, "I want you to kill David." 

David was my friend! I couldn't kill him, but I could warn him. I sneaked out of the castle and met with my friend. I said, "My father wants to kill you. He's put the order out for your death. Please find some place to hide here in the field. I'll bring my father out here and speak with him about you. Meet me afterwards."

He agreed. Later that day my father walked with me as I had asked. I stopped in the field where David hid. "Father, please don't have David killed. He hasn't done anything against you, in fact, he's done many things to honor your name. 

"Remember he took his own life in his hands when he fought Goliath. The Lord helped him save the entire army with one stone. You saw it and celebrated with us, remember? Why do you want to do hurt an innocent person who has helped you? Why do you want to kill him without a cause?"

I had hoped he'd listen to my words and change his mind. 

Standing in the fresh air seemed to do him good. He took a deep breath and looked at our beautiful countryside. He didn't say anything for a long time, but the look on his face was not one of anger.

After a while longer he stepped closer to me and put his hand on my shoulder. "Jonathan, my son, you are right. As the Lord lives, David will not be killed."

It was the best news ever. He's never changed his mind before. Surely God has helped him.

I couldn't wait to tell David. Later that afternoon I met with David in the hidden place and told him what my father said. "So, David, you need to come back to the King's house. If we leave now we can still eat supper with him at his table."

David looked at me almost as if he wasn't sure if I told the truth or not. Then he smiled. "Sure, Jonathan. I'd be happy and honored to go back to king Saul's table."

"And you'll play your music to calm him as you did before?"

David laughed. "Yes, yes, I'll play my music, if he wants me to. Now, are we going to get something to eat or not?"

David returned to all his duties as before. He sat at my father's table, played his music, and captained an army to battle the Philistines. All was well again. For now at least.

1.  List some of the things king Saul did that he should not have done.
2.  What did king Saul ask his servants and son Jonathan to do?
3.  Where did Jonathan go and what did he do? What plan did they make?
4.  What did Jonathan tell Saul in the field?
5.  What was Saul's answer?
6.  What did Jonathan do afterwards.

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