Wednesday, March 14, 2012

David Chooses to Obey God

By Mary Vee
I Samuel 18

David's Thoughts

I don't know what I did wrong. 

I sat in my usual place playing my harp to sooth king Saul's spirit. He had been angry a lot lately. Each time he felt angry he sent for me to play my music. But this day turned out different. My music didn't please him.

Ever since I killed Goliath, Saul couldn't be pleased. He walked around mumbling something about the people loving me more than him. Yeah, right. He is the king, not me. He is the one God appointed as king at this time.

I must admit, I felt a little scared about playing for king Saul. He had the right to punish whomever he wanted. Still, I obeyed each time the servants sent for me. 

On this day, I had played two songs and started a third. Saul's face grew redder with each note. No one told me I should or could leave, so I stayed. His hand reached down for his spear. His fingers turned white from squeezing the weapon tight. 

Why did he pick up his spear?

I slowed the music to help calm him. It didn't work. His face turned redder. Saul slowly raised his spear. 

He aimed the spear at me! The rest happened so fast, I barely had time to react. His spear flew through the air toward me and he shouted, "I will pin you against the wall." My body jerked to the side like some invisible person had pushed me. I didn't need an order after that. I ran out of the room.

That night as I cared for the sheep in my father's fields, I thought about the day and wondered why my music upset king Saul, but couldn't think of a reason.

A few days later a servant called me to serve the king with music. I went, of course. Only a fool would not obey the king.

I sat in my usual place and played. Before I finished the first song, Saul grabbed his spear again. I didn't wait. I ran out of his chamber.

A couple of my friends said I should be mad at the king, try to pay him back, or sneak in and kill him. 

The prophet Samuel had anointed me as the next king, but only a few people knew. None of that mattered. I did not have the right to kill the king or pay him back for throwing a spear at me. God appointed Saul as the king and I will do everything necessary to protect, obey, and respect him.

The next day I received orders from Saul. "You shall server as captain of a thousand." What fantastic news. Although I would gladly serve my king any where he sent me, I preferred to be out in the action. 

I met many Israelites in between battles as we traveled from city to city. We sang and laughed together. I made many new friends. During this time, though, I didn't allow anyone around me to speak cruel about the king. I must defend the man God first appointed as king over Israel.

1. Why did David play his harp for king Saul?
2. Why was Saul angry with David?
3. What did Saul do one day while David played his music?
4. Who helped David to notice and move in time?
5. Was David angry with what Saul did?
6. When the servants called David to play for Saul again, did he go?
7. What happened the second time?
8. How did Saul get rid of David?
9. What did David teach the people around him?

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