Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saul's Armor Didn't Fit David

By Mary Vee

From David's Journal

King Saul gave me permission to fight Goliath.

I wanted to run from his tent, load my sling and knock the giant dead right then and there. Unfortunately, King Saul didn't agree.

He called his servants to bring  his armor, helmet, coat of mail, and his sword. Did he plan to fight Goliath with me? I didn't understand. I thought only one man from each army could fight.

The servant returned a moment later with king Saul's battle gear and placed it before him. Saul pointed at me. "Put the armor on David."

Me? Wear the king's armor? I am only a shepherd. 

I didn't get a chance to say anything. The servants put the king's armor on me. The waist hung too low. I felt like a walking barrel. 

Next the servant set the king's bronze helmet on my head. It flopped over my eyes. How could I kill a giant if I couldn't see him?

Next the servant dressed me in the king's coat of mail. The web of chain pushed down on my shoulders. I couldn't lift my arms. If I couldn't lift my arms how would I move my sling shot?

Last the servant fastened the king's sword to the armor. It drag on the floor. King Saul sat back in his chair and nodded. "There, David, you are now ready to fight."

Seriously? This is ready to fight? I couldn't even take a step forward. He could have wrapped me up like a mummy and I'd look the same. I tried to bow before the king. "Um, my lord, I--" I tried to lift one knee. "I can't walk with your armor on me. See?" I tried to take another step.

If the soldiers from Israel saw me using king Saul's armor and sword, they'd think he gave me power they didn't have. All I wanted to do was to silence the giant who mocked us. King Saul had been appointed king over Israel by God. And I will honor God's appointment.

"My lord, your gracious gift is good. Please forgive me, but I am not ready to use your armor." I asked the servant to help me remove the armor. 

I bowed to king Saul. "To kill the giant, I need to fight the same way I fight bears and lions. The Lord will protect me."

King Saul looked at me for a long moment. I wish I knew his thoughts. After a while he nodded to me. "Go, David. May the Lord be with you."

I stepped outside the tent and took a deep breath. It smelled sweet, good. I looked at the sky and smiled because my whole insides burst with excitement. I would fight Goliath.


1.  What did Saul agree to let David do?
2. What gifts did Saul give David? (4)
3. What was wrong with each gift?
4.  What couldn't David do?
5. What did David ask of king Saul?
6.  What will David do?

picture courtesy of Christian Image Resource

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