Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Son of Kish is Chosen

By Mary Vee
I Samuel 9

From Saul's Journal

We've had problems with our donkeys wandering away lately. This last week those naughty animals did it again. 

My father asked me to search the hillsides and bring the wayward animals home.

Not knowing where those silly donkeys went this time I had my servant pack enough provisions to last a few days. The servant and I left early in the morning and walked through the mountains of Ephraim then over to the land of Shalisha. No sign of the donkeys.

It's important to look where the best grazing would be. Let's see, we checked the land of Shaalim and Benjamim then headed over to Zuph. Where were the donkeys?

I didn't know. Several days had passed since I left home. We should have found them by that time. My servant and I stopped for a meal and rested a while on a hill. "I don't know where else to look. Let's go home," I said. "My father's probably wondering where we are."

"My lord, your father will be pleased if we bring the donkeys back. I have heard there is a man of God in the city over there. He is said to be an honorable man and everything he says comes to pass. Maybe he can tell us where the donkeys went."

"Good idea," I said. "But we have no gift to give. Our bread is gone. We can't visit him without a gift."

My servant took out a one-fourth shekel of silver. "We can give the man of God this."

Maybe he was right. And father would be pleased if we found the donkeys. "I like you idea.Let's go."

On our way toward the city we met some young women carrying water pitchers. I asked, "Do you know where the man of God is?"

One pointed. "Yes, he's up ahead. You need to hurry, though. The people from the city asked him to come today to bless the sacrifice for the Lord on the high place. You should find him near the city gate preparing to go to the high place to eat. The others are already there waiting for him to bless the sacrifice. Only those invited will be allowed to eat. If you hurry you might be able to speak with him before he goes."

We ran in the direction she pointed. I didn't want to miss him. Inside the city gate we found a man walking toward the gate. "Excuse me, please tell me where is the man of God?"

He smiled and said. "I am the man. Come with me to the high place. I want you to eat with me today and stay the night."

How strange. The woman said only those invited would eat at the high place yet this man, whom I did not know, invited me to the meal. He didn't even ask my name. Why would he ask a stranger to go to a special meal?

He must have figured out I didn't understand and said, "Don't worry about your donkeys, they've been found. You and your household has found favor above all in Israel."

Me? Why me? "Sir, I am a Benjaminite, from the smallest tribe of Israel. My family is the least important in our tribe. Why did you say that?"

He didn't answer right away. He led me to the high place and into the hall where thirty people sat waiting to eat. The man of God walked toward the seat of honor. "Saul, sit here." He had the cook bring me the best of the food which had been saved just for me.

I didn't understand. Why did he treat me special. Why had I been chosen in the high place?

Come back next time to learn why.
1. What did Saul's family lose?
2. What did Saul's dad ask him to do?
3. When Saul couldn't find what he wanted what did his servant suggest?
4. What did the man of God say and do for Saul?
5. Why do you think the man of God did this?


  1. They lost their donkeys.
    Go find the donkeys.
    Go ask the man of God.
    We found your donkeys. Please stay with us and eat.
    God told the man of God to take care of Saul.

  2. Great job on the answers!

    Well, I'm thinking there might be a different answer for number 5. Perhaps because Saul was about to receive a special message from God through Samuel?

  3. 5 It was all part of God's plan to anoint Saul as King....


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