Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saul's Challenge

By Mary Vee
I Samuel 9,10

From Saul's Journal

The prophet Samuel gave me a place to sleep for the evening. Thanks to his kindness I didn't have to return home until the next morning. He said our missing donkeys had been found and returned to my father. I guess I had nothing to worry about any more. I accepted his gift and had a good night's sleep.

Samuel woke me early, about dawn, and said, "Get up. It's time for you to go." My servant and I packed our few things and walked with Samuel through the city toward the gate. 

Samuel turned to me and said, "Tell your servant to go ahead, I have instructions for your ears only."

I had no idea what this prophet wanted to tell me. He'd never met me before. I felt confused but I also knew I needed to do what he said. I sent the servant ahead as he instructed. This man Samuel seemed quite a mystery. He acted as though he not only knew who I was but what I would do in the future. 

He guided me to a field where we stood alone. Samuel took a jar of oil and asked me to kneel. I did as he said and was surprised when he poured the oil on my head. He said, "The Lord has anointed you commander over His inheritance."

Me? I had no idea why I had been chosen to lead Israel. I had no special training. 

I didn't want to interrupt Samuel, though. He took a breath and gave me instructions. He said, "Your first instruction is: go to Rachel's tomb in the territory of Benjamin at Zelzah. Two men have a message for you."

I called my servant to walk with me. We traveled to Rachel's tomb and found two men. They said, "The donkeys you've been looking for have been found. You father is no longer concerned about the animals but worries about you." 

Samuel spoke the truth, they donkeys had been found! Then I remembered the next instruction: go forward to the terebinth tree of Tabor. Three men will meet you there.

My servant and I walked to the terebinth tree. At the tree we found three men going to Bethel. One had three young goats, another three loaves, and the last a skin of wine. The man with the bread gave us two of the loaves, just like Samuel said he would. Amazing, we didn't even ask!

My servant and I ate then followed Samuel's next instruction: go to the hill of God where the Philistines have a group of soldiers camped. We went in the city and met a several prophets who had returned from the high place. The men carried a stringed instrument, a tambourine, a flute, and a harp. I went with them to a meeting place where they prophesied.

During that meeting, the Spirit of the Lord came upon me as Samuel said. I joined the prophets in prophesying. In that meeting, in that place--for the first time-- I actually understood the feeling of hearing God speak. The fear, yet tingly sparkle in my veins feeling.

I wanted to stay with the prophets for a long, long time, but I had more instructions from Samuel. I didn't want to miss anything he said to do. Each instruction surprised me. His next instruction: go to Gilgal and wait for me seven days for the next instruction.

My servant and I went to Gilgal. Several of my relatives lived there. My uncle walked over to my camp and said, "Where did you go?"

I answered, "To look for father's donkeys but when I couldn't find them I found the prophet Samuel."

My uncle seemed pleased. "Well, what did Samuel say?"

I answered, "He told us plainly that the donkeys had been found." I didn't want to tell him anything about the anointing. It didn't seem to be the right time, and Samuel had more instructions for me. Everything Samuel had said to do turned out good, I didn't want anything bad to happen from my telling anyone news before the right time. I'm confident Samuel will tell me what to say and when.

Come back next week to read about the next instruction.
1. What did Samuel give Saul?
2. What did Samuel pour on Saul's head. What did he say as he poured?
3. What was the first instruction Samuel gave Saul. What happened?
4. What was the second instruction Samuel gave Saul. What happened?
5. What was the third instruction Samuel gave Saul? What happened?
6. What was the fourth instruction Samuel gave Saul?


  1. Samuel gave to Saul a place to sleep in the evening.
    He poured oil. God has given you the right to be commander over His decedents.
    He was told to go to Rachel's tomb and meet two men.
    Go see three men at the tree.
    They will give you two loaves of bread.
    They were to go to Gilgal for the next instruction.

    These were answered by the fourth and fifth grade class of Mrs. McConnell

  2. Great answers again, but perhaps for number 6 there was a second part that was super duper important. Can you find it?


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