Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year

By Mary Vee

What would you like to do in this new year?

Many people make resolutions.

What is a resolution?  To make a firm decision, to do something.

Most decision are short term, made new every day, for the moment: 
To get up in the morning, 
Go to school or work, 
Eat a meal
Be kind, 
Do our work, 
Play fair, 
Be respectful, 
and the list could go for pages. 

During awake times, decisions are made every minute.

A resolution is a decision we choose to make for a longer period of time, like a year. Some people make more than one resolution. 

One of my resolutions for this year is to continue telling Bible and Missionary stories on this blog.

The highlight of my week is to dig into whatever the next Bible story is, research maps, people, commentaries, geography, culture, anything I can find to tell the Bible story to you. I have learned so much!! 

The new year starts with a Bible story about Saul. Interesting timing, eh? The first human king for Israel. Will he do a good job? Will Israel be happy they chose to have a human king? Bible stories will be posted each Wednesday and Saturday.

The Gladys Aylward stories are about to end and yes, I have chosen the next missionary to feature: Hudson Taylor. I have already purchased seven books about him and am digging through those treasures to formulate the new missionary series. Missionary stories will be posted every Monday.

I especially enjoy your visit. 

Did you know this blog has an average of 150-300 different people from countries such as India, Philippines, Columbia, Saudi Arabia, Russian federation, United States, Canada, South Africa, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Netherlands, Japan, and many more EVERY DAY? 

Each day I dedicate a time of prayer for the people who visit this blog, that means you! May God bless you this year, may He help you grow closer to Him and give you peace.

Mary Vee

P.S. I sure would love to read your comments below. Also, I would be happy to have you indicate in the sidebar that you follow this blog.


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