Monday, December 12, 2011

Lamasery Part IV-the Messenger is You!

By Mary Vee

Gladys Aylward's Journal

Last week I ran out of time to finish this story

Click here for part 1part 2part 3  to read why the head lama invited me, a woman, into the lamasery.

The head lama instructed his helper to pour more tea; we warmed our hands on our cups and drank. "Tell me, what happened to the two lamas who went on the quest?" I asked.

He sat back in his chair and continued his story. "They walked for many miles. The search took a long time, but such a quest is worth every moment invested, wouldn't you say?"

"Yes, I do."

"I am amazed they had to travel all the way to Len Chow," he said, "before finding the answer burning in their hearts. But there in Len Chow, they met a man walking down the street. 'Do you know where we can learn about the God who loves?' they asked him. 

"The man pointed further up the road. "There. Walk until you see a gate with three signs: Faith, Hope, and Charity. Inside those gates you will find someone who can answer your questions.'

The two lamas followed his directions to a place called China Inland Missions. A kind man sat down with the lamas and answered their questions. When he could tell them no more he handed them a copy of the Gospels. They hurried back to the lamasery to share their adventure and all they had learned.

"The young men came before me and presented the Gospel booklets they had received and told me about their journey, the questions they had asked and the answers they received. We read the Gospels that evening. The next day I called special meetings and read the words from this book to all the other lamas. Although we believed the words in the book, there was much we couldn't understand.

"The more we learned, the more questions we had. One day we read a verse: 'Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel.' This verse brought great comfort because we then knew someone would come to us to teach and explain this book and answer our questions. All we had to do was wait. 

"For three years we waited, knowing someone would come. Each day we were ready to receive the person God would send.

"One day two lamas went out to the mountainside to gather sticks. They heard singing flowing up from the mountain below. They turned to each other and shouted, 'The messengers we have been waiting for have come!'

"They dropped their sticks and agreed one would run to the Lamasery to tell everyone to prepare for the messengers, the other would go to guide the messengers to us. You and Dr. Huang were the messengers."

He bowed slightly to me and smiled.

After our meeting I packed to leave.

Although I don't know how many of the lamas put their trust in the God who loves I feel in my heart that many of them did choose to follow Him. What I do know is God told me to tell the lamas about Him, and I did. 

Sometime later, communist destroyed the lamasery. Where the lamas went, I don't know.

When I get to heaven, though, I plan to ask God what happened after we left. 

Hah! It sure was a the strangest week I ever had in China.

Gladys Aylward

photos from OMF International FB page.

In 1964 The China Inland Mission changed it's name to Oversees Missionary Fellowship International. To learn more about this mission click : OMF International

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